Erick Erickson | Mitt Romney: The Magically Malleable Man of Mystery

Mitt Romney is probably thanking his lucky stars the Politico decided to drop a Sunday night hit piece on Herman Cain alleging Cain sexually harassed at least two women.  Had it not happened last night, this morning the political world would be talking about George Will’s stinging take down of Mitt Romney and conservatives who support him coupled with Chris Wallace’s observation that Mitt Romney won’t come on the Sunday shows to be asked tough questions.

I’ll address the Cain issue later today, but I don’t want to ignore the Mitt Romney issue just yet.

Back after the 2008 campaign ended and John McCain was winding down his campaign, a McCain staffer sent me the 200 pages of opposition research the campaign had compiled on Mitt Romney.  The staffer told me I might find it useful by 2012.  Between computer changes, email changes, etc. I lost it.

Late this spring, another former McCain campaign affiliated person sent me the same document.  Ten pages in that document sum up why conservatives should think long and hard before embracing MItt Romney.  And once they’ve thought long and hard about it, they should think some more.

These are ten pages that explain completely why so many conservatives do not and cannot trust Mitt Romney.



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