Governor Palin Tried to Call into Grizzly Fest

We just wanted everyone to know that Governor Palin tried really hard to call into the Grizzly Fest Summit today. Unfortunately, there is an issue with  Blog Talk Radio that we didn’t know about previously. Alaskans cannot get through to Blog Talk Radio shows (which is the format we used for Grizzly Fest) using the normal line that those of us in the lower-48 use. Due to technical difficulties, Governor Palin was unable to join us but it wasn’t for lack of trying. As I said, she did try and for a long time I might add. Please note that we were able to talk to Chuck Heath Jr. in Alaska because we called him.

To those of you who asked whether Governor Palin was the “mystery guest” for the third hour, you are correct. That was who we were waiting for to wrap up the summit. Thanks again to all of those who listened and participated. We feel that Grizzly Fest was a success and hope to have more events like this one in the near future.

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