Grizzly Fest 2011! (Update: Live Chat Now Available) (Update #2: Chuck Heath is Working On a Book and Will “Work On” Getting His Sister To Reconsider)(Update #3: Grizzly Fest Has Concluded)(Update #4: GrizzlyFest Podcast Now Available)

Grizzly Fest 2011 is on!

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Update: You can join the live chat here.

Update #2: Some of the site issues that we had earlier this morning with high traffic have been somewhat resolved.  Thank you for your patience.

Update #3: So far, Rebecca Mansour, Tammy Bruce, Jedediah Bila, Kevin Scholla, Manajordan, Tami Nantz, and Josh Painter have all appeared on GrizzlyFest.

Update #4: The second panel is Stephen Bannon, Stacy Drake, Whitney Pitcher, and Jackie Siciliano

Update #5: The Governor’s brother said that he’s got a book coming out in Spring of 2012 and will “work on” getting his sister to reconsider because he’s unsatisfied with the options that are available.

Update #6: The final panel is Peter Singleton, Thomas Schmitz, Janne Myrdal, and Kristan Hendershot.

Update #7: Grizzly Fest has concluded.  Thank you for listening.

Update #8: The Grizzly Fest podcast is now available.

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