New Day, New Opportunities as ‘The Undefeated’ is Released on DVD

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Correcting the Record

Tuesday, the 4th of October is a new day, like every one before it has been. Like every one before it, it offers new opportunities, but for we supporters of Sarah Palin, it offers one in particular. On this Tuesday, the film by Stephen K. Bannon, The Undefeated comes to stores near you on DVD! Now, you will be able to get your own copy, and purchase them for friends and relatives, but best of all, you can hold your own The Undefeated viewing parties. Do you want the truth about Governor Sarah Palin to get out to an audience hungry for a different kind of leader, but who have been led astray by the Lamestream Media, and even some in the GOP establishment? If you want your chance to show people the truth, to correct the record and inform them, finally, here’s your chance.

I received my copy today. Tomorrow, I intend to go by the local Walmart and round up a couple copies to distribute to friends who’ve been led into doubts about Governor Palin. It’s time that this story is told to a wider audience, and we are just the people to help the film tell it. This film is a wealth of real information about the real accomplishments of a real American champion of liberty.

For once, we have a new opportunity to go out there and make that difference we always say we wish to make. I’m going to ask you, my readers, to submit your stories over the coming days and weeks as you hold viewing parties, and let everybody here know what it was like. Provide the impressions of your guests, and tell me about them. Let’s make of this the opportunity it should be to bring Americans together around the truth. Submit your stories about your viewing party plans as comments on this post and tell us more about how things turned out by sending your story to

Politics is an ugly game at times, but as we all know, it frequently has deadly-serious consequences. We mustn’t permit this story to go untold, and I firmly believe this is our best opportunity to correct the record about an American who has faced incredible injustices at the hands of the media and the permanent political class.

Back in July, when I first saw this film at Grapevine, TX, I came home and wrote a review. If you don’t remember it, or weren’t part of my small audience back then, I’d encourage you to read it: We and She: The Undefeated

Here’s your opportunity. We always lament the media attempts to destroy Sarah Palin. We rightly complain that we’re treated almost as poorly. Here’s your opportunity to begin changing all of that at a more rapid rate. It’s the most effective debunking tool for all the media lies. Pick up your copy of The Undefeated, the film that may yet help change the world.

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