Newt Gingrich: Governor Palin “Has [An] Amazing Record of Reform, Standing Up To Big Oil- And Controlling Spending In Alaska”/Open Thread

Two women have accused Herman Cain of inappropriate conduct.

Newt Gingrich tweeted that the Governor “has [an] amazing record of reform, standing up to big oil- and controlling spending in Alaska” and that “the section [in The Undefeated] on her governorship is what mccain should have used.”

Speaking of Newt, here’s a flashback to an e-mail that he wrote to the Governor on July 22, 2008, asking a question about Alaska:

Someone recommended to me that we study the alaskan model of revenue distribution back to the citizens and get bills introduced in the state legislature in california florida and elsewhere that if they do go to offshore drilling they should split the revenue stream with a specified amount (maybe half) going to the citizens as a direct benefit

He also provided advice to the McCain campaign in a September 9, 2008 e-mail:

Todays post page one leighow explains the palins could have charged the state per diem for each child under alaskan state law and did not do so…This should be brought into a single number childrens days not charged equals $X that palin did NOT charge the taxpayers for that she was legally entitled to. Offsets 90 per cent of the story’s impact.

The Palin kids are enjoying Halloween.

Obama leads Mitt “peacetime” Romney, Rick Perry, and Herman Cain by 11, 18, and 19, respectively, in Wisconsin while Governor Walker is holding on for dear life against the recall efforts of the Democrat Party.

The Governor’s brother, Chuck Heath, left an additional message on one of the threads about GrizzlyFest.

What else is going on today?

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