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The Governor told the World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, South Korea that she doesn’t share the opinion that “growing the military might of China in this region will necessarily be good for the region or good for the cause of peace overall.”  She didn’t offer any “clues about her political future and didn’t discuss why she bowed out of a bid next year.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that in the ROK, Palin “repeatedly stressed the need for Americans and others around the world to strike back at what she called ‘crony capitalism,’ arguing that a cozy relationship between big corporations, financial institutions and government officials needs to be addressed in order to manage the current global downturn.”  The attendees seemed to like her speech, especially compared to Larry Summers’ speech.

The Governor’s next speech takes place in Tupelo, Mississippi on either the 21st or 22nd.

So the last four days, she has finished three different speeches in three different parts of the world.  Each speech was for a completely different type of audience and had different themes.  It certainly takes some preparation to competently deliver three 45-minute or longer speeches and take questions on a variety of subjects for very different audiences.  Judging by the content of what she discussed, the reports of her speeches, and the preparation it must have taken to deliver three very different speeches, it certainly seems as if she had been planning on using these speeches as a springboard.  It would have been a joy to see her delivering these speeches and showing off the diversity of topics and subjects she is knowledgeable about on a daily basis on the campaign trail.

I really hope someone asks Cain, Romney, or Perry about the Spratly Islands tonight. 

What’s going on this morning?

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