Chris Christie: ‘Now Is Not My Time’

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie just announced that he’s not running for president.

Reports were already coming in earlier today he had declined a run. Here’s the report from Polutico with the to-be-expected anti-Palin, pro-Christie snark:

He is not running,” said a fundraiser informed of the decision. “Mary Pat and the gov just called tier one [donor] group to say he was out.”

The first-term governor, who has repeatedly ruled out a White House bid over the last year, indicated new openness in recent days to a possible run.

Christie would have been favored to win an enormous amount of support from national Republican power brokers who to date have been dissatisfied with the Republican field.

His stature had been effectively keeping a cadre of major New York and New Jersey contributors on the sidelines as they awaited his decision. Now, his would-be financial backers may feel pressure to choose between the field of declared Republican candidates, which is unlikely to grow at this late date.

Christie’s decision leaves the Republican nomination fight as a choice between two front-runners — Mitt Romney and Rick Perry — who are both seen as flawed in the eyes of many party regulars.

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