Sarah Palin Unleashed

Guest Submission by Steve Bayrd

Like all Sarah Palin supporters I was profoundly disappointed by the announcement. As an older guy in marginal health I have set myself a “mission” to save the America I have loved all my life, before I can no longer be useful. I call it my “final mission”. So it was hard to see the one champion of the restoration of America I trust, Gov. Palin, decline the 2012 opportunity.

Last night, even when I awakened in the deep hours, my mind ran through the path ahead without the possibility of a President Palin in the near term. My Twitter stream was filled with thoughts of those who have shared our hopes. One in particular caught my eye. It said, many times we have seen Sarah make moves and decisions that on the surface perplexed us, only to find that her action created the best possible outcome. Thus, if we, who have limited visibility into the world where Sarah Palin exists, can “trust” in her judgement, like we have so many times, we can trust her now.

What I heard on The Mark Levin Show and saw on Greta was not a leader in retreat. What the words showed was Sarah Palin UNLEASHED. We, in our great anticipation, were totally swept up in the presidential possibilities. What Gov. Palin said on Greta several weeks ago came back to me. She mentioned the shackles placed on candidates by handlers within the GOP establishment. As we have seen her do before, Palin has used her Ninja methods to defeat her detractors. She is a moving target with a brilliant strategic mind. She will now use those tactics to vet and support candidates across America that will shape the post-2012 political landscape… to SAVE America.

As an engineer, cop and strategist, I have learned to assess the small things, but also look past the clutter of the data to see the “big picture”; see the forest not just the trees. Sarah Palin is seeing the Big Picture while we are seeing the random data of daily political machinations. It comes down to trust. What was the reason we supported Sarah? It was TRUST. She walks the talk. She is honorable. She does not lie. She will not tolerate crony capitalism and deceit. SHE CAN BE TRUSTED. She is not shackled. She is not to be managed and handled. And to whomever she places her support, THEY will have to attain and live by her template of American character.

Sarah Palin is not only Undefeated … She is now Unleashed.


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