SF Chronicle | Surprise: Lefty Robert Reich Really Hates the Flat Tax

Flat-taxers pretend a flat tax is good public policy, for two reasons.

First, they say, it would simplify paying taxes. Baloney. Flat-tax proposals  don’t eliminate all deductions. People with families will still be able to  deduct their dependents while single people will pay a higher rate, businesses  will deduct their expenses, and, in most plans, people with homes will still be  able to deduct interest on their mortgages.

That means most taxpayers would still have lots of paperwork.

Second, proponents of a flat tax say it’s fairer than the current system  because, in Cain’s words, a flat tax “treats everyone the same.”

The truth is, the current tax code treats everyone the same. It’s organized  around tax brackets. Everyone whose income reaches one bracket is treated the  same as everyone else whose income reaches that bracket (apart from various  deductions, exemptions and credits, of course).


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