Steve Flesher: Governor Palin Calls Out Fox News

A good piece by Steve Flesher appears in today’s American Thinker.  Flesher picks up on Governor Palin’s recent point about the mainstream media’s proclivity to turn the presidential nominating process into a “quasi-realty show” in which they gin up false controversy by taking a candidate, or potential candidate, out of context and/or periodically build up one candidate into a temporary flavor-of-the-week before dropping said candidate and moving on to another one.  Governor Palin, as Flesher notes, correctly includes her employers at Fox News in this category:

Is Sarah Palin preparing to declare her candidacy for president?  In what is sure to cause a lot of speculation, she has taken the opportunity in her last two interviews on Fox News to go after some of that network’s tactics and contributors.

Palin expressed major displeasure at what she called a “quasi-reality-show” media game of building up a candidate in order to tear them down.

Among her examples, Sarah Palin cited the popularity Michele Bachmann experienced with the media immediately after winning the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa.  Bachmann is now down significantly in all the polls, especially since Rick Perry has jumped into the race.

After enjoying a few weeks at the top, Rick Perry’s frontrunner status is now threatened by the media, who is now paying more attention to Herman Cain after he won the straw poll in Florida.

Palin’s logical position seems to align with the GOP grassroots, who are left scratching their heads wondering why it should take one singular event to get the media to pay more attention to a candidate.  We should be relying on the media to focus on all candidates equally so we can assess the records and positions of each one fairly.

Speaking with Greta Van Susteren earlier this week, Palin remarked on Herman Cain.  She spoke about how his words and his experience as a working American resonated with the grassroots.  She then went on to suggest that it took the straw poll in Florida to make him “flavor of the week” for the media, when in reality it was his qualities as an American which made him appealing to voters.

As usual, the media chose to pick up on one line of Palin’s commentary — i.e., the suggestion that Herman Cain was “flavor of the week.”  As a result, various newspaper articles and major media outlets began reporting her context inaccurately.

Read Flesher’s entire article here.

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