Tammy Bruce: No GOP Candidate Is Worthy of Palin’s Endorsement

In an excellent article over at Newsmax, Tammy Bruce hits the nail on the head when describing the continuing power of Palin’s influence on the political process leading to 2012.

You can read the full article here.

Tammy writes:

For tea party supporters and that special subset called “Palinistas” the withdrawal last week of Sarah Palin from consideration as a presidential candidate was a significant surprise.

The depth of the disappointment is based in the fact that many, including myself, considered Palin an excellent standard bearer for tea party principles, combined with experience, character, and lifestyle that evoked what is missing most these days in politicians — trust.

Now as the shock of Palin stepping aside subsides, the question for Palinistas is, What now? The political intelligentsia are also, understandably, interested in what will become of that particularly passionate political force.

The answer is rather simple — we’ll be doing what we’ve always been doing — agitating, organizating, and working for a restoration of America’s founding principles through political action.

Sarah Palin may have chosen to not answer the call for the presidency, but make no mistake, the principles that garnered her the unique support she enjoyed continue to inform and drive the base that lifted her.

Palin has made it clear she intends to continue to be a force within the political arena, yet interestingly while Palin will remain a political influence, her supporters may end up being the surprise long-term political force.

Tammy is absolutely right.  The passion of Palin supporters is strong.  As Tammy later goes on to remark, some entered the political scene for the first time because of Palin.  Many of those people became involved because Palin represents the experience, values, and basic understanding of right and wrong lacking in Washington.

While Herman Cain leads in the last few polls, Ian Lazaran reports that only 30% of the Cain-responders are committed to him.  This leaves Cain and his accompanying bandwagon in a much more vulnerable position than Perry was about a month ago when he was the front-runner.

Further, aside from winning the endorsement of Gov. Christie recently, Mitt Romney continues to show further signs of a possible-corporate-cronyism concern as Bloomberg reports that many of Obama’s former Wall Street heavy-hitters are now switching to Romney.   Curiously, not too much has been said about this in the media.

In one of Governor Palin’s Facebook Posts (in response to the S&P Downgrade), she wrote:

Please get engaged in 2012 electoral politics and support experienced, vetted, pro-free market fiscal conservatives who will dedicate all to preserving our Republic and protecting our Constitution.

So we have a businessman with no elected-executive experience vs. an establishment-anointed “frontrunner” already showing signs of longstanding Wall Street relationships.

Regardless of Palin’s decision or future responses to all grassroots movements focused on begging her to reconsider a run, it remains important for all of us to continue setting the standard for what is required.

When you couple the Governor’s request for us to “get engaged” with Tammy’s premonition of our “long-term political force,” it is clear, not only are these remaining candidates unworthy of Governor Palin’s endorsement, I am not so sure they deserve our premature support either.

It’s early.  Keep your powder dry!

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