The Remarkable Difference Every Individual Can Make

I’m a 23-year-old concerned citizen who launched a blog several months ago. Although English isn’t my first language, I’ve decided to do plunge ahead since this is a country where opportunity and success isn’t limited to a specific group and we’re not ready to let this country be radically transformed. I sent in submissions regularly to C4P and eventually became an official contributor to C4P.

Palin’s decision not to run last Wednesday hit me by surprise during what was a particularly hectic time in my personal life, leaving me with no time to jot down my thoughts. As a religious Jew, her announcement came two days before Yom Kippur and a week before Succos. Although it’s now almost a week later, I decided it isn’t too late to share some of my thoughts.

In the three years since Governor Palin has stepped onto the national scene after having been chosen McCain’s running mate, the country has undergone many changes, both for the worse and the better. Although the focus is largely at the damage and destruction the Obama administration has wrought, one mustn’t forget the millions of Americans of every stripe and color who have become involved in and passionate about the political situation in this country. Tea Party groups have sprung up in every corner across the country, with voters demanding of their representatives to truly represent them and not the special interests or their own interests. No longer are the people indifferent and apathetic to the actions of the politicians.

Until now, the bullies and hotshots from the left as well as those within the conservative movement media dominated the scene with no one daring to stand up against them or in defense of their victims. That is no longer the case. Millions of individuals are challenging these egoists time and again, and defending those smeared with lies and nonsense. Individuals across the country have recognized the power each individual possesses and have singlehandedly undertaken to fight the left, the establishment, and the know-it-all Republican elitists who peer down in disdain at us pesky little people. Twitter users with only a handful of followers have effectively challenged some of the big boys who have tens of thousands of followers. Ordinary citizens concerned for the future of their country have managed to confront the hoity toity class holding them accountable for their actions. No longer could these elitists go on interviews and write articles loaded with lies and distortions without receiving heavy backlash from thousands of people.

I have personally experienced the power of each individual. Shortly after I’ve joined C4P, Erick Erickson upped his snarky attitude against Palin. Since many Palin supporters including me called him out on his despicable behavior, he expanded his attacks to include the Palin supporters. After I wrote a lengthy and factual article he felt compelled to respond, so he nitpicked  one out of hundreds of comments on the article and focused on that. Of course his actions weren’t a very effective method in increasing respect for him or his site.  Calling Palin supporters idiots, cultists, and many additional unflattering names likewise hasn’t done much except turn people away from his site. Erickson isn’t accustomed to being challenged when wrong, and the fact that regular Americans have dared do so has been a blow to his ego. We must continue to remember our powers and fight those who are ready to give up principles for personal or other gains.

Many are wary of challenging others or taking an active role in spreading conservatism due to feelings of inadequacy. One might think that it is necessary to have training in debating in order to effectively challenge and educate those ignorant of conservative ideology, a journalistic degree in order to write letters or articles, or a certain charisma in order to run for office. Although the qualities listed above are certainly helpful, one can do all the above and even more without any of it. All that is truly necessary is an honest desire to educate and reach out to others, lots of determination, and, of course, first educating yourself about the topic on hand. When Sarah said one doesn’t need a title to make a difference, she didn’t only speak of herself. She spoke directly to all of us, encouraging us to get as heavily involved as we can. Our actions will not always meet with success, but we cannot afford to give up, and can also never know when we’ll strike gold.

This too, I’ve personally experienced. I am fully aware of my weaknesses which include a lack of eloquent expressions and grammatical flaws since, as mentioned earlier, English isn’t my first language. However, I believe that if one has worthy ideas then one should share them with others even though the final piece won’t be as polished or perfect as that of others. I’ve always appreciated those that have here and elsewhere brought my errors to my attention, thus giving me the opportunity to correct them. When faced with taunting and mockery, I just shake it off for it is proof that the mocker can’t argue with the stated ideas and facts, so he resorts to name-calling and spell-checking. I have experienced this while defending Governor Palin on Red State.

But one doesn’t have to be perfect and flawless in order to undertake a task. One simply needs the will and the perseverance to stick to one’s task despite distractions and stumbling blocks. If getting the message across requires one to be mocked by some because of some misspelling and errors, then so be it.

Governor Palin has repeatedly stressed that you don’t need a title or a prestigious position to make a difference. Her concern for her children’s education led her to join the PTA group in her local school. From becoming a PTA mom she then went a step further and ran for the city council before eventually becoming the mayor of her town, the oil and gas commissioner, the governor of her state, and then the vice presidential candidate of a national ticket. She didn’t enter the political scene with the intentions to run for the presidency or even the governor in ten or so years down the line, as others have. She entered with the intention to clean up the place, influence positive change, and lead with the people’s needs in mind.

Palin ran for the governorship in order to serve the people of Alaska, and her focus as governor was clearly on the state of Alaska. Only after the 2008 campaign when she could no longer govern effectively did she resign. Aware of her ability to be effective on the national scene, she involved herself and influenced the direction of many primaries in congressional districts in 2010. Throughout her public career she has proven that with enough grit and true determination one can effectively influence change even in the face of entrenched habits.

Although she isn’t running for the presidency in 2012, Governor Palin has made it clear that she will not remain silent nor disappear from the political scene. The haters haven’t stopped her in the past, and it doesn’t seem as though they will stop her in the future.

Additionally, now that she has declared that she isn’t running those who have feared a Palin campaign and thus focused on the petty triviality and ignored her content have made an about-face and begun to sing her praises. No longer worried she’d take the candidate of their dreams and flush him/her down the toilet, they suddenly remembered their closeness and fondness of Governor Palin. More positive coverage was given to Palin in one week via the LSM and others, than those very same places have given her in the last year.

I take Governor Palin at face value that she isn’t running in 2012 and isn’t changing her mind on it. Earthquakes measuring 10.3 don’t happen too often, nor are they caused by humans. It is impossible to foretell the 2012 elections so it’s doubly impossible to foretell 2016 or 2020, but perhaps she will choose to run at a later date. Of course it will depend on many unknown variables such as who will be in the oval office, how the individual has governed, who else is running, what Palin has done in the four years, and so on and so forth.

If we want a Palin presidency to be a possibility, however, it is important to continue to educate others and spread the truth about her and her record. Now that she isn’t running, supporters of other candidates may feel less threatened and more agreeable to watch The Undefeated or hear about the former governor in Alaska. Favorable impressions need to be planted in the hearts of millions so that when people hear “Sarah Palin” they will think not of “I can see Russia from my house” but “that’s the governor who stood up against corruption in both parties and wasn’t scared to do what’s best for the people.” We must remember the power of every single individual and continue to promote Constitution-loving candidates in every level of politics. We must remember that the future of this country may depend on the upcoming Congress, so personal considerations should be set aside for the greater cause.

We can and must all continue to make differences via Twitter, internet, local meetings, here at C4P and in millions of other ways. It is impossible to know what the future holds, but that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t do their utmost to influence the future. In the months after the 2008 election, when the McCain team unjustly blamed her for their loss and later when she was forced to resign from her governorship, the future seemed bleak. It was difficult to envision that she would open a new twitter account which currently has over half a million followers, a Facebook page with  over 3.2 million friends, and millions more ready to volunteer. The base has grown considerably with the passage of time and can continue to dramatically increase its growth if we help facilitate it.


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