Todd Palin’s Interview with Stephen Bannon on the Victory Sessions – Updated

Todd Palin Spoke with Stephen Bannon on his weekly Victory Sessions radio show on Sunday evening on KABC. The interview included discussion of Bannon’s documentary on Governor Palin, The Undefeated, which will be available at Wal-mart, Target, and Best Buy on Tuesday, but is now available for pre-order. Mr. Palin spoke about Governor Palin’s political career from her time on the Wasilla city council to her time as Governor, as well as her embrace of the Tea Party movement. The interview also includes Mr. Palin speaking about the family commercial fishing business and the famed Iron Dog snowmachine race.

Please listen to the wonderful interview here. It is well worth your time.

Update: It seems that the link I shared does not include the complete interview. For the whole interview, please visit this link, courtesy of Rubegonia.

Update II: Here’s the entire interview in four parts.

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