UPDATE: Palin’s Facebook “Political Views” have always been listed as “Conservative”

Update by Stacy: We have confirmed that Governor Palin’s “Political Views” designation on Facebook has always been listed as a “Conservative.” She has NOT recently made any changes to her Facebook profile. This was a rumor that got picked up by us. We apologize to Governor Palin for the error.

Update by Nicole: Last night I posted a report from another blog suggesting that Governor Palin had recently changed her Facebook status from Republican to Conservative. It was a false and misleading report. As Stacy noted in her update to my post, Governor Palin has always listed her Facebook “Political Views” designation as “Conservative.” We have confirmed this fact with Governor Palin’s team.

This rumor arose in part because of changes to the way information is presented on Facebook. As this screenshot and this screenshot show, at one time instead of “Political Views,” Facebook had “Party” as a designation, to which Governor Palin was listed as “Republican Party” in a section on her info page under the heading “Current Office.” That’s why many of us remember seeing “Republican Party” on her Facebook page at one time. The info page now only has “Political Views” as a designation, to which she is listed as “Conservative,” and we all know her political views have always been conservative. There is no designation for “Party” and no listing of “Republican Party” anywhere because she doesn’t hold any “Current [Political] Office.” It’s been this way for about two years now.

I sincerely regret this mistake and feel badly that this false reporting that was picked up by numerous news sites, even internationally.

At Conservatives4Palin our motto is “Just the Facts.” I should have done due diligence and checked the facts before reporting a rumor. I sincerely apologize and vow to do better in the future. It’s a lesson I won’t soon forget.

Ok guys … Is this just a minor thing? Or a big deal? I’ll let you speculate on what it means ….

Here’s the news reported by the Sarah Palin Blog:

I was walking through the grocery store earlier today when I received a text message from a close friend asking me if I had taken note of the change on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page.  I confessed that it had been an exceptionally busy day and that I had not looked at Palin’s page today.  My friend then brought to my attention that under the “Info” link, Palin’s political views have been changed from “Republican” to “Conservative”.  For a brief moment, it didn’t phase me as I am also a registered Republican but I chose to list “Conservative” on my Facebook page as my own political view because in my eyes, it more aptly describes my values.

I suppose one could draw a multitude of conclusions regarding this status change. I know that I certainly have. You can be certain that any move Sarah Palin makes has been well thought out and is with purpose.  Could she possibly be sending a message to the RNC that they need to strengthen the conservative planks of the Republican party?  Perhaps her promise of “sudden and  relentless reform” as addressed in her Indianola speech and more recently in her October 7th St. Louis speech is a sign that as in the past, neither party is safe from her scrunity.

One thing is for sure, time will tell.

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Here’s the screenshot:

Full Disclosure: We don’t know when exactly this FB status change took effect, but I definitely know at one time Governor Palin listed her “political views” as Republican.


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