Weighing in on Governor Palin’s Decision Not to Run for President

Governor Palin announced on Mark Levin’s radio show today that she is not running for President in 2012. I might say more tomorrow, but tonight I am going to keep this short and simply say that I respect her decision. I wanted her to run, expected her to run, and believe she would have won had she run.

Having said that, she never promised us any such thing. She always said she didn’t need a title to effect change. She has maintained throughout that she was still praying about it. And she has said countless times that this was not about her. We the people wanted her to run and we the people encouraged her to do so. Am I happy with her decision? No. But again, I respect it.

The Governor Palin I have supported these past three years, the one I’ve been privileged to come to know, is indeed the real deal, and so for tonight I will leave it at this: I continue to stand with Governor Palin. As I ended a recent post:

I don’t know which road Governor Palin will take in all this, but I am certain of this one thing: wherever the road leads her, she’ll find me still walking beside her when she arrives.

I meant it then, and I mean it now.

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