Why Cain Still Hasn’t Passed My Palin Test

Grizzly Fest 2011 was so important.  The event was put together by people who were disappointed by Gov. Palin’s decision to not seek the GOP nomination, yet who simultaneously respected it.  Further, they remain loyal to the fundamental restoration of our great nation she continues to advocate for.

Part of such loyalty easily explains Herman Cain’s recent successes.  It proves to me that grassroots conservatives are fed up with the establishment and a huge portion of them are silently sitting out there waiting to be mobilized by folks like us.  If their boots were on the ground previously, perhaps Palin would have received the call she claimed was needed with regard to that special candidate who was “almost reluctant to serve.”

As alluring at it may be to throw out all of the remaining candidates for having too much Washington experience, we’re going to have to cast our votes for one if the goal is to really stop Obama’s fundamental transformation of America.

As such, it’s easy to understand why Herman Cain immediately became the next choice for many who patiently awaited Gov. Palin’s decision.  If for no other reason, he seemed to annoy the other candidates to our delight.  He’s a straight talker, funny, and poignant in his speech.

However, this doesn’t mean he’s ready to be our leader.  Yes it’s true; he has a Palinesque appeal of not being part of the permanent political class.  But when the grassroots decides to rally around a candidate, it should be on the basis of a thorough review of a candidate’s record and experience.  In the realm of politics, Cain’s experience lacks in many ways.

First, he has never held elected office at any level.  Sarah Palin not only successfully ran small businesses before gradually segueing into public service; she also accepted important roles like her position at the AOGCC.  We liked the fact that from her early days as a councilwoman, she took on the local cronyism which went on in Wasilla.

Further, we had her record as a mayor and a governor to observe and vet.  In watching the left and the media attempt to destroy her by making things up, it strengthened our arguments as grassroots citizens and gave us the experience of what to expect out of them in the future.

If Cain wants to use his real world experience to help in his country’s restoration, I fully support that.  But he needs to start his journey at a local level as she did.  He can run for city council, mayor, or even Governor of a state so we can have the necessity of having a record to vet.

Since none of us can expect to just show up at Godfather’s Pizza’s corporate headquarters and immediately become the CEO upon request, can one just show up to ask for the top political office of the free world without a record or any elected-office experience?

Next, whether we like it or not, the media plays its game.  Palin had that game played with her for three years and as a result, she literally wore them out.  As a result, Sarah Palin became the most thoroughly-vetted politician in history.

The only reason Herman Cain has not received 1/100th of the scrutiny Palin has is because he’s still in a primary.  Palin on the other hand was actually in a general election running against their anointed one.

Taking that into consideration, it is clear Herman Cain has absolutely no idea what is in store for him.  If he were to make it to the general or even be selected as a VP choice by the nominee, we can expect every rock in his life to be turned over.  Every immediate family member will be vetted.  Every business associate will become a person of interest.  The media will further distort and ridicule his intelligence and will question his readiness along with his accompanying 9-9-9 plan. This can scare the independents into casting their votes for Obama.

While many of us want to forgive Herman Cain’s mixed answer on abortion with John Stossel, it was an important question which mattered to the grassroots.  Unfortunately, Cain’s responses seemed to be looking for immediate applause from the in-studio audience rather than explaining a well-thought-out personal philosophy on the topic.

Not only did Palin succinctly answer important questions during her run as VP, she became the first to be subjected to questions never asked of any candidate before.  Sadly it became those Q&A’s which stuck in the minds of the electorate via the mainstream media.  Nevertheless, she gave clear and concise answers on the questions that mattered.  She also answered Couric’s questions on abortion (all 13 of them!) with clarity and conviction as an unapologetic pro-lifer.

It remains true, however, that Cain’s presence in the primary continues to remind us of the huge part of the grassroots we as active members need to be reaching out to.  It is positive in reminding us that hope remains in the restoration of our nation which remains to occur.  But after spending three years getting to know the type of candidate we deserve, we have to remain objective about what it is Cain stands to be up against and ask ourselves if he’s truly ready for it.

Perhaps part of that objective curiosity will be satisfied on November 5th where he will go head-to-head with Newt Gingrich for a moderator-free, Lincoln-Douglas style debate in Texas.

I am sure we’ll all be watching and perhaps I will be proven wrong.


As Ian Lazaran has already noted and as is reported by Politico, Cain is now being accused by two women of misconduct in the 90’s.  Cain’s campaign has been contacted about this throughout the week and has yet to respond or deny the rumors.

Obviously our wisdom gained as Palin supporters will prevent us from jumping to conclusions.  However; if this is a rumor perpetuated by the MSM, this only proves my point at what he’d be up against in a general election.  The question which remains is whether or not he can withstand it.


Cain denies allegations of misconduct.

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