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I’m probably one of the few people who actually prefers the traditional debate format over the one that Gingrich and Cain used. If Cain is able to keep his poll numbers where they are a week and a half from now, then he may very well win this thing unless the Governor stuns the world by reconsidering. If Newt isn’t able to peel off Cain’s incredibly soft support after beating him as soundly as he did last night, then he may never be able to do it.

The issue that Newt and Cain may run into is that neither man is really what primary voters are desiring. As evidenced by Perry’s initial polling surge before his collapse, what Republican voters seem to want is a conservative executive with governing experience and a track record of creating jobs. This space accounts for close to 40% of the vote, which is where Perry was polling around until he had too much New Hampshire syrup. That neither Gingrich nor Cain fit that description is probably why Cain’s support is so soft and why Gingrich hasn’t surged higher in the polls despite his outstanding debate performances. Now that Perry has flopped, the GOP primary electorate still seems to be waiting for the red state Governor who can boast of creating jobs and balancing budgets in his or her state.

In any event:

Update by Nicole: Chuck Heath Jr. will provide his take on the reconsider rumor today on the Roderic Deane show at 12 noon ET (He is scheduled to be on at around 12:30 pm ET to talk about the rumor, Alaska and his upcoming book.) Follow the link to listen to the show.

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