Bernie Quigley: Sarah Palin and the Vacuum on the Right

An interesting read appears today in The Hill written by Bernie Quigley. 

Newt Gingrich rises, in opposition to MSM. He appears the best option now to face Romney. But is his appeal broad enough, and can the professor appeal to plain folk? That is the question and that is the question that Sarah Palin should be asking this morning. Possibly she created “the vacuum on the right” when she got off the bus and took it back to Alaska. As per last night it is safe to say there is still time to get in simply because nothing else is working. And the failure of the other contenders works positively in her favor.

I’ve noticed the last few days, these types of articles and comments are beginning to surface.  Some of us predicted that a situation would develop where the GOP’s voting base could become so discouraged at some point that Palin would literally be called by the party.  Frankly, most of the folks who predicted it were our readers here at C4P.

My only question is for the rest of the readers here — and assuming this reconsider movement continues to grow further outside of Palin circles as this article proves it has, how long do you think she really has? 

I agree with the article over at Big Government which basically implies that there are enough delegates for Palin to take and she could have the luxury of skipping these early states since she’s missed the deadlines in New Hampshire, Florida, and South Carolina.  She has that luxury because of her high popularity.

If this is going to be the case, I see November 15th as the date that seems to be the average deadline within the rest of the states.  That is unless she is running as an independent which she indicated she would not do.

Any thoughts?  How late is “too late?”

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