Chopping Wood, Mucking Out Horse Stalls, and Other Revelations From the Inaugural Grizzly Fest

At Grizzly Fest last Saturday, if we learned ANYTHING, we learned that the life of a high-profile political activist is not always as glamorous as you might think.

Famous brother Chuck Heath Jr. told us that Governor Palin had been out chopping wood earlier that day in 20-degree weather. (In Alaska, they call temperatures in the 20s “balmy,” right?) Chuck didn’t say whether his rabble rousing sister was enjoying the autumn task … or whether she was grumbling to herself like I would have  … “Great, I have to do EVERYTHING!” (We already know she has to mow lawns in the summer.)

Maybe it’s just me, but I envision Governor Palin mentally tallying up the federal budget as she chopped wood Saturday … “Oh yeah, we’re gonna need a big ‘ole AXE!”


Next on our Grizzly Fest line-up came longtime conservative agitator Janne Myrdal, the North Dakota Organize4Palin coordinator and a board member for Concerned Women for America. She revealed that she, too, engages regularly in earthy and rugged chores. Earlier that day Janne (pronounced YAHNA) was actually mopping (mucking?) out the horse stalls at her North Dakota ranch. (And to think I complain about having to unload the dishwasher!) No doubt, these horse stalls can get mighty dirty, can’t they? And yes, while mopping up some pretty stinky stuff, Janne did think of our need to clean out Congress – a clean sweep in 2012!

MOP! MOP! (Or MUCK! MUCK! if you actually know what a horse stall is all about!)

Janne Myrdal and Gov. Palin! Two tough political ladies who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty … or cold! They are mothers who do it all … and apparently moms who can’t get any of their kids to do it for them! (Gives a whole new meaning to the mama grizzly’s roar, doesn’t it?)

Speaking of which, California Organize4Palin coordinator Thomas Schmitz, a fellow C4Per, certainly brought his “Grrrr” Saturday. He is a conservative in Hollywood who doesn’t hesitate to irritate and/or educate liberals and RINOs everywhere he goes. He told Grizzly Festers unequivocally to “get out of our comfort zones” and raise a little hell with the local political apparatus. Attend their meetings and tell them we’ll support them ONLY if they actually adhere to the planks in the Republican platform. Hey, that’s tough-nosed, Thomas … but it’s guerrilla warfare, after all!

For some of us, attending a county Republican meeting would be as uncomfortable as shoveling horse manure! Running for school board likewise would be as challenging as splitting logs in Antarctica.

But we’re not supposed to be …. COMFORTABLE! That’s the point! It’s for the future of our country!

The lefties have out-organized us for DECADES and won elections despite having an agenda that smells like the inside of Janne’s horse barn!

It’s our turn to turn the tables on them. We have, as Peter Singleton pointed out, the majority agenda. We need act like it and … MOBILIZE!!!

On the other hand … we also learned at Grizzly Fest that it’s not all shoveling and chopping!  (Aren’t you relieved?)

Some of what we do as activists is going to feel as cozy as sipping cider while curled up on a couch with a couple of furry friends — or “children” — as Tammy Bruce calls them. (Don’t you just love Tammy Bruce! She makes my Irish heart proud.) It’s true. You don’t have to be something or someone you’re not. Everyone can make a difference in their own way. You don’t need a title …  oh nevermind!  You know the drill. Everyone can find the issues, as Jedediah Bila suggested, that motivate them, and stir them to action. There is a natural niche for everyone. For Jedediah, her activism bubbled up in 2009 after seeing how ACORN was rigging elections (and conspiring to hand out taxpayer money to child prostitute rings!) For some reason, this GOT UNDER HER SKIN! And so she wrote about it. She received the obligatory hate mail. And an activist commentator was born.

Tami Nantz of Smart Girl Politics sprung into action in 2008 to defend Governor Palin from the insane media, starting her own blog, Moms4SarahPalin. Stacy Drake, a fellow C4Per, saw a reformer in Governor Palin as far back as 2007, and recognized a chance to take on the permanent political class. Whitney Zahnd likewise saw someone and something quite different in Governor Palin than she’d seen in the cesspool that is Illinois state government. Jackie Siciliano got involved with Team Sarah to stand up for Governor Palin and her ideals. For Josh Painter, it was his desire to blog for Fred Thompson in 2008 (and promote Governor Palin for VP) that ultimately led him to starting Texans for Sarah Palin. Kristen Hendershot of O4P Alaska wanted to make a difference in her local  community. Peter Singleton wanted to restore American exceptionalism … so he moved to Iowa.

What motivates you? What issues get under your skin? When and where are you willing to take a stand? Is it to repeal Obamacare – the Affordable Care Act that is neither affordable, nor having anything to do with care?

Is it crony capitalism – the bane of our Republic? Can you imagine how much is wasted on the pals of politicians while paying down the debt gets short shrift?

What are you going to do? Will you start or participate in a blog? A radio show? Will you go to your school board, city council, and GOP meetings? Will you become a precinct leader in your state, and meet-up with other Organize4Palin and Tea Party people in your area? Will you run for office? Will you be willing to lick envelopes, canvass neighborhoods, and phone bank to retake your country? Can you find other budget choppers and Congress moppers among the candidates out there? Can you find local, state and national candidates whose words match their deeds, as Steve Bannon and panel two reminded us?

Do any of these Top 10 Restoration Principles grip you?

1. Defund Obamacare – immediately.
2. Honor and respect the founding documents.
3. Downsize gov’t, abolish certain departments.
4. Drill baby Drill
5. Protect our borders, and prosecute illegal immigration.

6. Support and fund our brave soldiers in combat.
7. Budget prudently while spending other people’s money.
8. Keep America safe, strong, and exceptional.
9.Negotiate and pass legislation in a transparent manner.
10. Leave the free market alone whenever possible.

Your life is busy. So is mine. You’ve got chores to do everyday. Nobody is going to tell you exactly what to do, thankfully. Pray for inspiration to find your place in the Restoration Agenda. And remember that saving a nation is gonna require some extra work from each of us. Thankfully, we’re folks who believe that hard work for a good cause is a reward unto itself.

Let’s get chopping!

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