CNN Proclaims “Perry Needs Palin”

Considering the impressions they are leaving lately, it’s pretty needless to say that the current flock of candidates and their accompanying campaigns would love to have Sarah Palin’s support.

Frankly, some of us would prefer her to save the country in lieu of someone’s campaign and we’ll probably continue to do so.

But CNN’s piece today delivers a bittersweet compliment. 

Written by Shayne Lee, the article describes Perry’s “lackluster performance in debates” and suggests he needs a “force of nature to save his campaign.”  Mr. Lee goes on to say that Palin is indeed that force.

A dose of Palin power would do much to revitalize Perry’s chances to win the Republican presidential nomination.

Of course, such a coveted endorsement comes with costs. Rock stars such as Palin don’t just walk into campaign headquarters asking to lend a helping hand. Perry must be committed to a careful wooing process and to meeting most of her demands, however diva-esque they may be.

So why should Perry grovel at Palin’s feet in solicitation of unmitigated support? Because in the big picture, Palin power is just what the campaign doctor ordered.

Just envision the image of these two politicians hitting the trails in Iowa and New Hampshire, flanked by journalists and flashing cameras at every juncture. This dynamism and attention would infuse Perry’s campaign with a Hollywood cachet that his opponents lack.

A “dose of Palin power” also increases site traffic to CNN where liberals flock for fixation of their PDS addiction, to which the writer delivers:

But while it is easy to see how Perry could benefit from an infusion of Palin power, what does the Alaskan maverick with a penchant for self-promotion have to gain by pitching her potency toward Perry?

With Palin’s decision not to enter the race comes the threat of losing her voice. Supporting Perry would provide Palin with a plausible context to remain in the limelight, which translates into more photo ops, more speeches, more television interviews and more chances to flex her muscles.

So both politicians have something to gain from joining forces. From Perry’s vantage point, the Texan can win the nomination with her support. From Palin’s perspective, her legend soars for saving a campaign on life support and, should Perry lose, she can save face by passionately proclaiming that she fought for the candidate and the values in which she believes.

This portion of the article is where the more-objective reader takes notice. 

First, if Palin was at risk at all of losing her voice, then why does Mr. Lee suggest she endorse Rick Perry at all?  Second, why did the Florida Republicans ask her to be a keynote speaker and why are candidates of any stripe out there continuing to vie for her support?

Any pundit or analyst worth their salt knows how coveted the Palin endorsement is and will always be.  So it goes without saying that Palin’s would-be endorsement would not be a quick or feckless one — especially considering how Perry has performed in debates as well as in recent speeches.

It always baffles me when those in the media believe they can tactically outsmart the Governor or her supporters.  But it’s enjoyable to watch them chase their own tails.

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