Forbes Jumping the Shark?

The following is a guest submission from Steven Bayrd.  Mr. Bayrd’s opinion is his own, and is not necessarily the opinion of C4P or any of our contributors.

I once respected Steve Forbes. He and his family presented an image of American success in the free market. Now his image is one of petty sniping and disingenuous political posturing. This is no better illustrated than by Forbes posting a column by John McQuaid at Forbes on 18 November where the author picks apart Gov. Palin’s Wall Street Journal op-ed, essentially agreeing with Governor Palin points on the corruption and cronyism she exposes while assigning ulterior, personally-enriching motives to her reason for exposing them.

None of us can pretend to know what motivates Sarah Palin to do what she does. Sure, there’s money. And attention. And more money and attention.

McQuaid’s “style” is more akin to an Occupy Wall Street vagrant than a writer of the quality one would expect at an international business publication. He infers that the questions Sarah Palin raises have merit, yet can’t resist taking sophomoric pot shots at her for raising them.  In order to make this narrative work, McQuaid has no choice but to ignore the results of three plus years of media obsession and approximately 24 thousand pages of emails that show a person of extreme honesty and public service marked by an obvious lack of self-interest.

After all, the modern Republican Party is built on the alignment of right wing cultural populism and big business, and there is no daylight between business interests and the Republican Party – especially in Congress, as Palin (or her ghostwriter) notes. A serious, Perot-ist reform movement could crack up that alliance.

McQuaid presents Governor Palin as some kind of fraud; inferring she needs a stand-in to write what she believes. Does he ignore the multitude of prescient, often prophetic, Facebook notes from Wasilla she’s written over the past three years?  Apparently so.

Is Palin the best vehicle for this message? I have my doubts. But where she goes, other opportunistic politicians may follow.

“Other” opportunistic politicians? Dream on, Mr. McQuaid. If other politicians follow Governor Palin’s lead, and they certainly have been, how is it that she’s also opportunistic?  It’s likely that Steve Forbes found you under a rock near an OWS crime-fest and enlisted you in his manipulation of the narrative to prop up Gov. Perry at the expense of a Tea Party hero. Bad form and total self-interest.

Update by Doug: I would point out to Mr. McQuaid that Governor Palin has walked the walk on this issue throughout her entire 20-year political career.  McQuaid, whom I’ve never heard of, is clearly oblivious to this fact, and his implication that she needs a ghostwriter or is simply doing this for attention says more about him and his lack of qualification to write on this topic than it does about her. In McQuaid’s bio, he admits that he writes about politics “against his better judgment”.  On this he has a point, and should have heeded his own advice.

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