Forbes Reporter Talks to O4P’s Karen Allen And Other Palin Supporters About Rebranding for the Future

This was a good piece about efforts to move the Palinista movement ahead in the wake of Gov. Palin’s announcement. It got lost perhaps in the Thanksgiving hoopla. Forbes contributor Frieda Klotz interviewed Karen Allen, founder of Organize4Palin, as well as Tami Nantz of Smart Girl Politics and Moms4Sarah Palin. They did a great job articulating why we continue to be inspired by Gov. Palin and what we plan to do going forward. Klotz even mentioned last month’s Grizzly Fest, and apparently listened to a part of it. It’s a good sign we’re getting noticed, and we hope we can continue the positive momentum …

From Forbes online:

On October 5 this year, Sarah Palin announced that she wouldn’t run for president. It was just after Karen Allen’s birthday. “That was a bummer,” Allen tells me over the phone. The 41-year-old mother of four is the national coordinator of Organize4Palin, which partners with American Grizzlies United.

She wasn’t the the only one to be upset at the news. Tens of thousands of conservative women had rallied behind the former Alaskan governor and many of them were devastated. Organize4Palin was in the middle of revamping its website in preparation for her candidacy. Her decision left all of them with a dilemma: what’s the point of being a Palinista if Sarah Palin is no longer in politics?

The mamma grizzly phenomenon is one of the wonders — or horrors, depending on which side of the aisle you sit — of recent political history. It sprouted in 2008 shortly after John McCain announced that Sarah Palin would be his running mate. Her feisty, flamboyant persona had a dramatic effect on conservatives and in particular on women. Karen Allen explains.

“Everybody sees themselves in her in some way. She’s willing to stand up against the corruption and take the heat and keep on going and not be defeated – that’s why they chose the name ‘Undefeated’ for the movie – no matter what comes up against her she stands.”

For Tami Nantz, the media’s portrayal of the Alaskan governor was the beginning. “I was motivated because of the onslaught of media attacks against her,” she tells me over the phone. “I just started thinking, ‘Okay, all I’m finding is all of the wonderful things that she’s done for Alaska. What in the world makes them hate her so much?’”

Nantz started a blog called Moms4SarahPalin. All of a sudden there were other groups, and a slew of terms like Palinistas and mamma grizzlies entered the dictionary. It seemed to signify the growth of a novel female power on the right. “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy,” wrote Michael Graham in the Wall Street Journal’s opinion pages. ”Forget ‘angry white men.’”

The mamma grizzlies were a significant force in 2008 and had an impact on the 2010 midterms, when Sarah Palin said that the women whom she endorsed would help the GOP “take this country back” (“the results were definitely what we were looking for,” Allen says). More recently, their momentum seems to have faltered with little more than an occasional snarl being audible.


Yet the women themselves might beg to differ. At the end of last month they held an online summit, called a GrizzlyFest, ”for those who believe in the restoration of America through the leadership of Sarah Palin and the principles and values she represents.” The theme tune starts off with some pretty hard core rock music and culminates in a terrifying grizzly roar, but the message was more  questioning. “Many of us of course remain Palinistas,” said Tammy Bruce, a Fox news commentator who was a panelist on the show.

She adds, “I know many good Palinistas have retreated entirely. My heartfelt wish is that this discussion today is not typical machine politics … but in fact an opportunity to hear a variety of opinions, a variety of approaches. For me, as an organizer — hoping that you will find as a Palinista, continued inspiration. I think the governor would want this.”

Read the whole piece.

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