Gingrich and Cain Will Face Off Saturday, Join Us For Debate Discussion, Update: More Readers Believe Newt Won

Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain are going rogue!  Well, maybe not.

They are, however, the only two candidates showing up for this debate.

They are facing off tomorrow night for a modified Lincoln-Douglas style debate in Texas hosted by the Texas Tea Party Patriots PAC.  The event begins at 8PM Eastern Time.  It will be held on C-SPAN.  Here is a direct link to the program page.

According to organizers, the debate will not be about feckless rumors and smears as reported by Yahoo News.

“The focus of this event is not about gossip,” said Julie Turner, president of Texas Tea Party Patriots PAC, the group hosting the discussion, in an interview with Yahoo News. “It’s going to be about entitlement reform.”

Specifically, the candidates will be discussing their plans for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

This gives Herman Cain a chance to display for Americans his readiness as it continues to be questioned due to his campaign’s responses to the rumors as well as some of his responses to questions on foreign policy.

While some remain in the “Palin reconsider” group, the important fact remains that Cain and Gingrich are the current “anybody but Romney” candidates.  In fact, they are huddled in the top three along with Romney.  Cain and Gingrich are on the flip side of that with Cain polling in at 26%, Romney getting 23%, and Gingrich climbing to 14% according to the latest Rasmussen survey.  Perhaps this debate will be a game-changer.

Governor Palin warned us in Indianola that whether we liked it or not, we have to reform entitlements.  Watching this debate and discussing it is a very important part of the vetting process. I am sure she’ll be watching as well.

So grab your popcorn and beverage of choice and join us right here in this thread Saturday night for a debate discussion.

Update, Newt the Clear Winner:

From a quick tally of the C4P crowd, it is almost unanimous that Gingrich was the clear winner of the debate.  However; I believe both candidates “won.”  They set a new standard for me of what it is we are supposed to get out of debates.  We didn’t get pot shots or bickering.  We got real answers and respective rebuttals.

I didn’t think much of Herman Cain’s capability before this.  But after watching, I have a new respect for him for participating.  For that reason alone, he is to be commended.

Thanks to all who showed up and discussed.

Also, a Hot Air poll conducted shows Newt the clear winner as well.

If you missed it, please read the comments below and click on the C-SPAN link above to catch the debate in its entirety.


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