Republican Insider Claims GOP Doesn’t “Have Any Moderates Running” for President

Every once in a while I come across a quote that’s so profoundly stupid I’m left momentarily speechless. Today was one of those days.  Take it away Kathy Kiely at the National Journal:

Republicans won’t need to put a candidate like Sarah Palin on the presidential ticket this year, veteran party strategist Charlie Black says, because the candidates are already conservative enough.

Asked at National Journal‘s Election Preview on Tuesday whether he thought the party might name a vice presidential candidate like Sarah Palin, whose addition to the GOP 2008 presidential ticket excited conservatives — but also turned off independent voters — Black argued such a pick won’t be necessary given the current crop of presidential candidates.

“We don’t have any moderates running,” Black said. “I don’t think there will be any need to do philosophical balance.”

I don’t know if Black is insulting Governor Palin or the intelligence of conservatives.  I suspect both.  Either that or he really is ignorant enough to believe the nonsense he spouts.  According to Black’s sage wisdom, we don’t need a conservative on the ticket because the candidates are conservative enough.  Further, Black avers, we “don’t have any moderates running”.  Er, surely this guy has heard of Mitt Romney, right? Or Jon Huntsman? That would be the same Mitt Romney Black and his fellow GOP Insiders “almost unanimously identified…as the most likely candidate to win the nomination” last Friday. 

Does Black therefore consider Romney conservative?  Indeed “conservative enough” that he won’t need to pick a conservative running mate should Republicans make the mistake of nominating him? Seriously?  Or is Romney, in the eyes of this genius, sufficiently conservative that he would represent the right on the ticket and philosophical balance would be achieved by selecting a running mate even more liberal than him?  Olympia Snowe anyone? I don’t know how much this guy charges Republicans for this kind of insight, but whatever it is, it’s way too much. 


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