Governor Palin Talks To Sean Hannity Tonight/Open Thread

She’ll speak to Hannity tonight at 9 PM EST on Fox News.

Throw Them All Out continues to pound the Giffords’ book on Amazon.

Rick Perry’s campaign is hoping for the Governor to endorse him.

Which poll of Iowa is correct?

Gingrich: 32%
Romney: 19%
Cain: 13%
Paul: 10%
Perry: 6%
Bachmann: 6%
Santorum: 5%
Huntsman: 2%

Iowa State University
Cain: 24.5%
Paul: 20.4%
Romney: 16.3%
Perry: 7.9%
Bachmann: 7.6%
Gingrich: 4.8%
Santorum: 4.7%
Huntsman: 0%

What else is going on today?

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