Kelly Ayotte Endorses Romney (But Gingrich Ties Romney in NH)

After benefiting greatly in 2012 from Gov. Palin’s endorsement, Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire endorsed Mitt Romney for President today. 

This comes after Romney was bested by Newt Gingrich significantly (leading by 13 points) in one Iowa poll from Rasmussen as well as finding himself in an unexpected statistical tie with Gingrich in a recent New Hampshire poll.

While many of us are moving forward and individually assessing candidates on our own, it makes us wonder why these U.S. Senators are this quick to endorse candidates.  Considering the latest debates and accompanying polls, it is clear Newt Gingrich is winning over a lot of Americans.  Also, Herman Cain is still holding onto considerable support despite various sexual harassment allegations.

These statistics say two things about Mitt Romney. 

First, despite Gingrich’s questionable actions  with Freddie Mac and moral shortcomings of the past, Americans are still searching for a non-Romney candidate.  While Newt has his baggage, so does Romney.  What voters are tasked with is the inevitable burden of comparing strong points of both candidates as well as comparing the weak points found in their “baggage.”  Of course, the biggest portion of the debates to take place next year in the general election season will focus on the economy.  Newt can say he gave us 4% unemployment, 4 years of a balanced budget, and a passing of welfare reform which he was able to successfully convince Democrats to join him on. 

Another large portion of the debates our nominee will have to engage in is Obamacare.  Newt Gingrich being paid as a private consultant by Freddie Mac is not going to be as damaging against Obama as Romney’s implementing Romneycare in Massachusetts. 

Generally speaking, anything positive to say about Romney (he speaks nicely, is a great debater, and is intelligent) can arguably be said with an even higher regard about Newt Gingrich.

The second thing this poll-bouncing says about Romney is that he’d more-than-likely be a very weak nominee.  As he barely clutches on to his small lead in polls, you see many other candidates come in and often surpass him for any given period of time.  If he can barely hold on to a front-runner position, how will he do in a general election against Obama and his billion dollar campaign?

Senator Ayotte has every right to support who she wants.  But what remains clear is the majority of GOP voters are looking for a non-Romney candidate.  That candidate is either Newt Gingrich or they have yet to surface.

In the meantime, I am a little surprised that people once endorsed by Governor Palin are jumping to support the establishment’s chosen one when it’s clear the “cream of the crop” is still rising. 

Perhaps this is a moment in time to take notice of.

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