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What’s going on this morning?

Yahoo: “[T]he fact the ad will be running at all shows the depth of feeling Palin’s supporters have for her and the possibility that she could become president. One does not see similar efforts attempting to get Mitch Daniels, Tim Pawlenty, or Chris Christie to reconsider their decisions not to run.”

Throw Them All Out will debut at #2 on the nonfiction bestseller list.  Publisher’s Weekly cited “her WSJ op-ed as one of the reasons behind” the book’s success.

By contrast, the Giffords’ book could only open at #6 on the nonfiction hardcover NY Times best-seller list.  It’s tough to characterize her sixth place debut as anything other than a total bust given the hype and the one-hour special that ABC dedicated to it.   The book would have likely done better had her husband not smeared Sarah Palin.

Let’s keep on hoping for a miracle for Michelle Malkin’s cousin.

The NBA is reportedly back.

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