Palin Endorses Todd P’Pool For Kentucky Attorney General

After the delivery of her terrific speech in Florida last night, it is being reported that Gov. Palin has endorsed Todd P’Pool for Kentucky Attorney General.

Todd P’Pool is a young and energetic Constitutional Conservative.  He faces Democrat-Incumbent, Jack Conway when voters go to the polls on Tuesday, November 8th.

In response, Mr. P’Pool said:

“I am extremely honored to announce the endorsement and support of one of America’s great conservative voices and Constitutional conservatives, Gov. Sarah Palin.  Her endorsement brings a level of energy and excitement to our race that is nearly impossible to match.”

He also went on to discuss her style:

“Governor Palin has never been afraid to buck the establishment and the good old boy system.  She knows that I will be an independent Attorney General that will uphold conservative values and prosecute corruption without fear or favor.”

Mr. P’Pool also has the endorsement of Sen. Rand Paul.

You can read more here.

You can view his campaign page here.

Update by Nicole: Conservatives4Congress has the robo-call Gov. Palin recorded for Todd P’Pool here.

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