On ‘Iowa Ad’ Day, The Mission Continues

Last week I received an email from a guy who mistakenly believed (or hoped) I had “quit” C4P.

I quickly explained I hadn’t “quit” anything. I’m not going anywhere. (Sorry about that!) And I’m not giving up on the mission we’ve been supporting over the last three years.

Many of us were heavily involved in last month’s Grizzly Fest, and we are looking forward to “Winter Fest” in a few months. We’re planning to keep shining the spotlight brightly on political corruption and to launch a new “Grizzly Coalition” of Palin-inspired bloggers and blog talk radio hosts. That’s been my principle focus of late.

I truly believe everybody has to follow their own dreams and passions. We can multi-task around here at Conservatives4Palin! I commend Ian and others for their passion for the Reconsider movement, and the ad running today in Iowa. I was skeptical at first, but it was amazing to see the level of financial support come pouring in to facilitate the ad, and its high-profile reception in the media. It’s been played on Fox News quite a bit, and even CNN, I think. That can only help the cause.

As long as people have respect for Gov. Palin’s decision, there’s no harm in hoping that she might reverse course. It would certainly be a welcome development given our less-than-ideal options. Moreover, the message of the ad, as Doc Zero points out, is that we want our candidates to embrace true reform, not just verbal window dressing, and right now, we’re just not seeing that clear message that Gov. Palin embodies.

Right now, in fact, many of us Palin supporters are in limbo. We by and large don’t have candidates to back, some of us are reluctant to blast the other GOP presidential candidates before we decide on whom to back. We need time to find our niche again. I think there are a lot of Palinistas in that boat. And that’s alright.

We’ve all had different reactions to the “announcement” after the initial shock.

But having had almost two months now to reflect … there ‘s something I keep coming back to in Gov. Palin’s announcement:

Governor Palin said her decision “maintains” the spiritual and family focus of her life. It preserves a natural “order.”

That immediately reminded me of an interview Glenn Beck conducted with Dr. Alveda King back in 2010. Beck asked Rev. King what she was planning to do politically to bring about the changes she wanted to see. I’ll never forget her answer.

She said she was going to pray …. and that she would leave political solutions to others.

I picture Dr. Alveda King right now on her knees pleading for the unborn, who have become her life’s mission.

And I’m sure Gov. Sarah Palin is praying right now for our nation, and for those who protect our liberty, as she speaks out for her principles.

We all must pursue our God-inspired paths in our own way …  whatever that may be. I’ve come to believe this movement is not just about Governor Palin, or about her becoming president in 2013, although I wanted that very badly. I now realize it’s much bigger. Governor Palin inspired us … and no doubt will continue to inspire us. I can honestly say, she triggered something in me that I didn’t even know was there … and I am not alone. As we learned from Grizzly Fest … so many of us in the Palin blogosphere felt an unsual connection with Governor Palin and what she represents: her integrity, her strength, and her committment to government by, for and of the people.

We instinctively, as Josh Painter pointed out, rose up to defend a good woman — as if we were defending American virtue itself.

In the process, we discovered, like Whitney Pitcher and Jedediah Bila, our political consciences and voices.

Governor Palin inspired an ARMY OF SARAHS, and an entire BLOGOSPHERE of SARAHS.

As time goes by since Oct. 5th, I gain ever more clarity about the path forward, and I believe there is always another way to solve a problem. There is never just ONE way. And it takes wisdom to recognize “unconventional” solutions. In the final analysis, you can’t force a square peg into a round hole. You can’t make something fit in your life or anyone else’s that isn’t gonna FIT.

There is an order to things.

But there are no doubt going to be seeds that Governor Palin and the Palin movement have planted that WILL bear fruit organically in coming years, much like this ad that has gone viral. Something big has begun … and it can’t be stopped. It’s a force of nature.

Whether Gov. Palin reconsiders or not … the Palinistas are not going away any time soon. We’re digging in our heels, fine-tuning our game plans, and eagerly seeking new opportunities to make a difference.

The mission continues.

Which means you’ll have to put up with my rants and meandering essays for the foreseeable future!

Carry on, fellow grizzlies — in whatever calling to which you feel inspired!

Keep writing! Keep fighting!

And I’ll see you in the comment section.

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