Un-waving the White Flag for Herman Cain (After Waving it for Sarah Palin)

Needless to say, we here at C4P were pretty suspicious as to how the mainstream media were going to wind up treating Herman Cain.  In fact, we discussed it Sunday afternoon right before the news broke about the Politico story.

“[I]t is clear Herman Cain has absolutely no idea what is in store for him.  If he were to make it to the general or even be selected as a VP choice by the nominee, we can expect every rock in his life to be turned over.  Every immediate family member will be vetted.  Every business associate will become a person of interest.”

We knew this because of the preposterous and downright shameful treatment of Sarah Palin which took place from the moment she was introduced to us by John McCain.  In fact, the plethora of rumors which have been spread about Governor Palin and her family since then have been so vile that I continue to question whether or not they could actually be generated by human beings.

After the Cain story broke on Sunday evening, the more well-known pundits who are supposed to be on our side all the time came out swinging with a renowned sense of energy to fight back against what we know as the “Lamestream Media.”

On Sunday night with Geraldo, Ann Coulter said, she was “spitting mad about this attack on Herman Cain.”

Coulter went on to describe the differences between liberals and conservatives with regard to sexual harassment charges.  She pointed out that sexual-misbehavior-charges usually turn out to be true when they are hurled at Democrats like Bill Clinton or John Edwards.  However, when they are hurled from the left as they were at McCain, Clarence Thomas, or Herman Cain, they are usually on the basis of very little evidence or turn out to be proven untrue.

Coulter then concludes that it’s because, “they [liberals] are terrified of strong conservative black men.”

I agree with Ann Coulter.  Ann Coulter’s a great commentator and I’ve bought every book of hers since 2002.  But it should go without saying that the left is equally-as-terrified of strong conservative women; particularly women like Sarah Palin.

In addition to Ann, other conservatives like Laura Ingraham, talk-show hosts on Fox News, and other writers are rushing out to lash back at the media for its “High Tech Lynching.”

When discussing Sarah Palin back in September with Laura Ingraham (the same interview on The O’Reilly Factor where she condescendingly labeled principled Palin supporters as “fans” who regularly send out “hate mail”), Ann Coulter picked one GALLUP poll which reflected Governor Palin negatively and then said:

“It doesn’t really matter – I might add – that it’s the media’s fault and they attacked her and they saw her as a threat, all of which I believe is true.  Nonetheless, yet, and still it has worked and most Americans don’t want Sarah Palin as President.”

This is a very different position from being “spitting mad” over just one attack which doesn’t amount to a hill of beans when compared to everything said about Sarah Palin for three years.  Especially since another poll since that interview actually showed Palin closing in on Obama and even besting him among independents.

Of course I realize Herman Cain is actually running for President and Sarah Palin is not.  That doesn’t matter.  Sarah Palin has been at the forefront of every major political issue since 2008.  Every Facebook post on Obamacare made it to the front pages.  Every major policy disagreement with the president has spread like wildfire.  The majority of the dozens of candidates Palin worked tirelessly to endorse and campaign for in 2010 won their elections.

Palin has done more for the betterment of this country’s long term than any pundit at Fox News, current presidential candidate, or the president himself.  In fact, she did so well that even Ann Coulter pleaded with Palin to endorse a candidate she preferred in 2010’s midterms.

Nevertheless, this didn’t stop the pundits from dismissing her since many of them believed the media attacks against her worked like a charm – even though one attack on Herman Cain has them leaping out of their skin.

This type of flip-flopping should be reserved for Democrats or GOP candidates like Mitt Romney, not for conservative commentators who make their living off the grassroots who buy their books and go to their speeches.

The long-term battle this country faces for true reporting is still on.  Yes, the attacks on Herman Cain are unfair even though we knew they were coming.  Some of us have been meeting similar attacks head on for three years (like being characterized as “fans” for supporting a true constitutional conservative who had the record to prove it).

Governor Palin said September 3rd: “It’s not enough to just change up the uniform. If we don’t change the team and the game plan, we won’t save our country.”

While Palin was talking specifically about the presidency, the same is true for our political process.  Part of changing that game plan means collectively fighting media bias.  We should have been prepared for what was in store for Herman Cain.

Sadly, very few of us can be confident in the ability to do that.  Especially when the same people presently standing up in defense of Herman Cain decided to wave the white flag of surrender in the case of Sarah Palin long ago.

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