2012 C4P Predictions Contest/Open Thread

What’s going on today? And for the third straight year, there won’t be any prizes for who wins the annual C4P predictions contest. Remember that politics and sports are the two areas where no penalty exists for getting it wrong. Whoever gets the most correct wins:

1.) Will Governor Palin be a candidate for President in the 2012 election?
2.) Who will win the GOP Iowa caucuses?
3.) Who will win the GOP New Hampshire primary?
4.) Who will win the GOP South Carolina primary?
5.) Who will be the Republican nominee for President?
6.) Who will be the Republican nominee for Vice-President?
7.) Who will be the Democrat Party nominee for Vice-President?
8.) Will Barack Obama win re-election?
9.) 2011-2012 NBA champion
10.) 2012 Super Bowl champion
11.) Who wins between LSU and Alabama?
12.) Number of majors that Tiger Woods wins in 2012
13.) Number of international speeches that Governor Palin gives in 2012
14.) Will Governor Palin publish another book in 2012?
15.) Will Governor Palin endorse another candidate in the GOP 2012 primary?
16.) Wildcard: make any prediction

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