Cain Making ‘Announcement’ Saturday

The Washington Post is reporting that Herman Cain will be making an important “announcement” on Saturday regarding the future of his campaign.

On the video included, Herman Cain declined to drop any hints as to what he will be saying.

This news comes a few hours after ABC News reported his plummeting in a recent Iowa poll indicating that the latest scandal has become the last straw for some voters.

It’s difficult to have an opinion on this specific case without knowing for sure what the facts are.  And since we deal with facts here, I can only say that based on his interview with Hannity last night, I don’t find it assuring that his wife did not know about this friendship — regardless of its nature — and that he continued helping her financially.  Assuming there was no inappropriate nature to it, it still reflects a possible problem with transparency overall. 

Nevertheless, the trouble he’s having carries weight on the hearts of certain Tea Party folks who are looking for their alternative-to-the-establishment candidate.

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