Eric Andringa: Liberals Who Hate Sarah Palin (And Other Conservatives) Are The Real Bigots

It’s always amazed me how liberals often accuse conservatives of being cold-hearted bigots. Isn’t bigotry all about hatred and extreme intolerance, especially with regard to someone’s religion? So, if the liberals are hateful and extremely intolerant of Christian conservatives, then maybe they’re the real bigots, right? And so, it was interesting to see this Eric Andringa piece over at Human Events. It struck a chord with me, especially given the rampant intolerance displayed by many liberals toward Governor Palin, or Christians like Tim Tebow. When will conservatives stop being portrayed as villains in pop culture? Where’s the sympathy for the last remaining demographic group not protected by political correctness?

Here’s the piece:

 I had an epiphany on liberal media bias.

They’re the real bigots they accuse the conservative right of being.

Think about it. The media goes out to destroy with unbridled tenacity any conservative woman or minority: Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann?, Herman Cain–even going back to Clarence Thomas–they all became targets.

The worst example was when teams of investigators with bags of bribery cash travelled to Alaska searching for anyone who would say bad things about Sarah Palin.

So this begs the question, “Why do the liberals hate these particular conservatives so much?”  It’s not just media folks. Everyday liberals I meet despise these people intently.

It doesn’t make sense. These liberals are strong supporters of civil rights, minority rights, women’s rights, etc–that is unless those minorities or women happen to be conservatives running for public office.

Then it hit me like a bullet. The liberals cannot let conservative women or minorities be leaders of the conservative world because that nullifies their existence.

Think about it. All they ever do is paint conservative, republicans, and Tea Party members as prejudiced old rich white businessmen. If we had President Cain and Vice President Bachmann as leaders of the conservative right, what would the bleeding heart liberal media do?

They could not accuse them of being male chauvinist racists, now could they–though I wouldn’t put it past them.

One of the most outspoken people against conservatives is none other than Bill Maher?. Now any one of the aforementioned conservatives do more to better the human race before 9:00am on any given day than Bill Maher has done in his whole God-forsaken life!

Has he ever run a successful business? Taken on any foster children? Done anything for anyone other than Bill Maher? I think not.

Bill Maher is an oxygen thief who uses air that could be better used by a productive member of society.

Now of all the ills of the world, all the causes you can funnel your efforts into, does he take up world hunger? No. Poverty? No. Human rights? Nope.

Mr. Maher fervently hates religion, any religion. That is his cause. He is so brave.

He particularly has a dislike of missionaries. On more than one occasion he’s referred to them as “arrogant.” As one of the most arrogant people on the face of the earth you would think that he would know.

But I question if he has ever actually ever met a missionary. He’s certainly never left the comforts of an urban city to travel to where missionaries work.

Mr. Maher once said of missionaries, “Who do they think they are, telling people what to believe?”

Touché’, Mr. Maher: who do you think you are to tell people what to believe?


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