Game Change Trailer: HBO Documents McCain-Palin Victory … Oh Wait!

Call me silly, but isn’t it rather revealing that HBO decided to create a much-hyped movie about a mere supporting character in the 2009 book Game Change, while marginalizing the actual victors — Barack Obama and Joseph Biden? I mean, Obama won decisively over McCain and became the first African American president. One might think that would be worthy of an HBO biopic.

Granted, Governor Sarah Palin is a much more dynamic person to document, despite having run only as a vice presidential candidate over a two-month period, and coming up on the losing end. She has an actual record of fighting the political machine. She speaks authentically from her own uniquely Alaskan experiences. It’s a lot easier to write an entertaining screenplay, I suppose, about a genuinely exciting political personality than it is to document how the silver-tongued Barack Obama rose to power by a) appeasing the Chicago political machine, b) sandbagging his opponents, and c) let’s not forget how his campaign disabled its address verification system to accept untold millions in illegal online contributions while receiving wall-to-wall glowing coverage from the cowardly lamestream media. Tough not to win under those circumstances.

Where’s the fun in telling a story like Obama’s? It’s typical thuggish politics once you scratch the mirage-like glittering surface. Obama, it turns out, is no “game change” at all.

I haven’t read the book, but I will be interested in watching the movie when it comes out in March. Because even three years after her VP run, after every pundit tells us she’s “irrelevant,” and even when her story is told by left-wing loons, Governor Palin remains the most fascinating political figure in America.

(On a more superficial note, Ed Harris nails McCain’s look. Woody Harrelson as Steve “The Bullet” Schmidt? Not so much.)


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