George Will | GOP Dilemma: Neither Romney, Gingrich, or Paul Can Win

Gingrich, who has been elected to nothing since 1996 — the year “Braveheart” won the Academy Award for Best Picture and the Internet was used by just 45 million people worldwide — says that he is more electable than Mitt Romney. Even if true, this claim might be a Gingrich rarity: a minimalist boast.

Jonathan Last of the Weekly Standard notes that Romney’s first foray into electoral politics was the 1994 Republican primary for the nomination to run for the Senate against Ted Kennedy. Romney won that primary, then lost to Kennedy by 17 points while Republicans gained 52 seats to end 40 years of Democratic control of the House of Representatives..

Counting that primary, and primaries — but not caucuses — during his 2008 quest for the Republican presidential nomination, Romney has been in 22 contests. His record is 5 wins and 17 losses, a winning percentage of .227, which is worse than the .250 of the 1962 Mets (40 wins, 120 losses). Furthermore, Last notes, while Romney did win the governorship of blue Massachusetts in 2002, Republicans had won the three previous gubernatorial races starting in 1990, and his percentage of the vote (49.8) was the lowest of the four.


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