Helluva Way to Run a Campaign

Guest Submission by Roger Lindus


The payroll tax fiasco that played out in Congress is proof of the old axiom when your enemy is destroying himself don’t get in his way. The Republican leadership did a fine job of getting outmaneuvered at every turn by a president widely thought a weak negotiator.

Sadly, we get to watch the show again after New Years, and hope Republicans have learned something about politics. This whole episode is a bit of a metaphor for the presidential campaign thus far.

Conservatives went into the process with the wind of 2010 at their backs. Riding high, they thought they would be able to dictate the political narrative culminating in a presidential retirement. What we have gotten is a long running soap opera of buffoonery, lack of political skill, and failure. Conservative candidates and their cause are looking pathetic with a front-runner no one but a handful of Republican insiders want.

What conservatives hoped for was a candidate with that ‘vision thing,’ someone who would explain to Americans the mess we are in and then lead us out. That is Sarah Palin, but she is not running. It is looking like anyone but Obama for millions of folks across the country. That is a hell of a way to run a campaign, but it is early yet and lightning may yet strike.

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