New Ad Ridicules Romney’s “I’m Not a Politician” Claim

I’ve often suggested that the Democrats are methodically compiling the results of extensive opposition research to use in their anticipated billion dollar ad blitz in 2012.  Obama, after all, has absolutely nothing positive to run on, so from a strategic perspective a brutally negative campaign is his only path to re-election. So much for all that post-partisan, hopey changey stuff we heard so much about in 2008. Republicans, particularly the Establishment, is bound and determined to assist Obama by doing all they can to help their candidate, Mitt Romney, in his decade long quest for the nomination. A Romney nomination, as I’ve often noted, will provide Team Obama with a virtually unlimited source of material from which to produce the aforementioned negative ads.

For the most part the Democrats have kept their powder dry.  However, on occasion they’ve test-marketed a few memes and given us a taste of what’s to come should Republicans commit electoral suicide and nominate the Mittster.  For example, last week the DNC produced a devastating four-minute ad which chronicled a few of Romney’s numerous flip flops.  Mandate Mitt’s buffoonery isn’t limited to his flip-flops, of course. I’ve always found the claim by Romney, the consummate establishment insider, that he’s really an “outsider” and somehow not a politician, to be ludicrous on its face, and I’ve wondered why none of the non-Mitt GOP candidates haven’t called him out on it.  The DNC has no such reservations, and today they released a new ad in which they expose the absurdity of this claim:

Ed Morrissey makes an excellent point when he notes that Obama has zero standing to accuse anyone of being a career politician.  However, Mitt shares that hypocrisy.  To be sure, Romney doesn’t fit the textbook definition of a career politician, but that’s only because he has a penchant for losing elections.  The reason he didn’t run for re-election to the one and only office he ever won is because: (a) he had a 34%/65% approval/disapproval rating and, (b) he never viewed the Governorship as anything other than a stepping stone to the Presidency.

In any event, if Romney isn’t a career politician, he’s certainly a career candidate.  I’m not sure if the two are qualitatively different.  One thing I am sure of, though, is that only the voters have prevented Mitt from being the former. Is Romney seriously attempting to make the case that his record of electoral futility is a net positive, and that his case for the nomination is made stronger by his dismal track record?  Given his rhetoric, I’d have to say yes. New Romney campaign slogan:

Who needs a career politician when we can have a career loser?

Inspiring, isn’t it?

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