Nikki Haley Endorses Mitt Romney

Aside from Christine O’Donnell coming out in support for Romney on Hannity earlier this week, Nikki Haley has decided to throw her full support behind the Massachusetts Governor as well.

The Washington Post reports:

Haley also backed Romney in the 2008 presidential campaign, when she was in the state legislature, and Romney returned the favor by backing her governor bid in 2010 (and sending $60,000 to her campaign through his various state-level political action committees). She had long promised to endorse in the 2012 race, but it wasn’t clear that she would line up behind Romney again.

In Haley, Romney gets the support of one of the rising young (39 years old) stars in GOP politics. Haley is the first female governor of the Palmetto State and the second Indian-American governor in United States history. With camera-friendly looks and an attractive personal style, she could quickly become a popular surrogate for the Romney campaign.


What I find particularly disturbing is this endorsement seems to undermine the will of the people to a degree.  With the polls rising for Gingrich and Paul in South Carolina, does her endorsement not seem a bit premature?  Especially being a “tea party candidate” as Haley was in 2010, you’d think that elected officials like her would want to consider respecting the same folks that elect them when the time comes.

Governor Palin has set the standard on this IMO — especially considering that it was Sarah’s endorsement that catapulted Haley to win the gubernatorial race last year in South Carolina.  Palin is right to wait. 

Similarly, these folks should wait, too.

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