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What’s going on this morning?  The Governor talks to Hannity this evening.

Courtesy of Bristol, the Governor and Tripp.  Contrary to what you may have heard, her show hasn’t been cancelled either according to the spokesman for the network where it will air.

The next time the Governor meets up with Congressman Allen West, she’ll have bragging rights

Santorum’s contributions have increased since the Governor’s comments.

Whitney Pitcher writes in Big Government about Obama’s crony capitalism.

Here are Michelle McCormick’s thoughts on a write-in campaign.  However, if you feel differently, get in touch with our favorite C4P Kiwi commentator exodus2011.

The poll junkies on this blog will have an opportunity to get their fix with the news that Gallup will be running a daily tracking poll of the GOP primary race.  Neither Gingrich nor Romney came close to hitting the high-water mark in terms of “strong favorability” among Republican and Republican-leaning independents that Governor Palin hit earlier this election cycle according to Gallup.

Three new polls of Iowa came out today.  When you average out the six most recent polls that came out the last three days from Iowa, it’s Gingrich 30%, Paul/Romney 17%, Bachmann 10%, Perry 9%, Santorum 6%, Huntsman 3%.  Bachmann averages 13% in the two automated pollsters but only 8% in the four live-caller polls.

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