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What’s going on this morning?  There’s a new website called the Right Tube that you may want to check out.

In case you missed it, here was her interview with Eric Bolling last night and a report on her discussion with Fox Radio’s Todd Starnes.  I wouldn’t think much of her comments if she only made them once with Bolling on a throw-away question but the fact that she repeated pretty much the same thing in an interview with Todd Starnes makes them more interesting.  Apparently, Amy Kremer said something interesting in the final two minutes of this interview with Stephen Bannon as well.

Here’s the Seinfeld clip that she was talking about, courtesy of cuatrocinco45.

Adam Brickley tosses out the Ron Paul theory.  I would have to agree that the pathway opens for the Governor if Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman do very well Iowa and New Hampshire.

But then again, she didn’t explicitly say that she was reconsidering. 


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