Victory Sessions: Bannon and Breitbart Discuss ‘Coward’ Glenn Beck, Update: Mark Levin Responds, Too

Victory Sessions has a great podcast available with Stephen Bannon and Andrew Breitbart discussing Glenn Beck’s recent comments where he played the race card against the Tea Party.  Breitbart also goes into detail about other issues he’s had with Beck in the past and he does not hold back.

This is apparently the last straw for Breitbart who calls Beck a “coward” who won’t admit when he is wrong and goes on to say that Beck “is dead to me.”

In fairness, Beck did respond to the backlash.  He did not apologize, however, choosing to categorize anyone who disagrees with his statements on Freedom Watch as “big government GOP progressives.”

You can be the judge.

Listen to Bannon’s Breitbart podcast here.

Visit the Victory Sessions page on it here.


Mark Levin responds to Glenn Beck as well as Michael Savage:


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