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As an editor and moderator at Conservatives4Palin, I’d like to extend a hearty welcome to any new visitors who might have learned about this blog through the highly publicized ad airing this week in Iowa, asking Governor Palin to reconsider a bid for the White House.

Conservatives4Palin helped promote the ad, and a large number of our readers contributed to its airing. We were pleased with the media attention it attracted, as it gives us a chance to demonstrate once again why we’re proud to support a strong reformer and dynamic leader such as Governor Palin. We’re also glad for increased visibility that has brought newcomers here, and hope you will feel comfortable joining our well-informed, diverse community of political participants.

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And here is a little background about our site …

Conservatives4Palin began shortly after the conclusion of the 2008 presidential race. It was launched by several veteran commenters of the Hot Air blog, with the intent of providing a platform to defend Governor Palin’s record and set the media narrative straight. With no official connection to Gov. Palin, C4P has served as a vital clearinghouse for information and commentary about Gov. Palin and has become a go-to-site for members of the media to connect with her dedicated support base. At our peak, we attracted more than one million hits per month, and traffic has remained strong since the announcement. You can read more about our history and purpose here.

Conservatives4Palin also became a launching pad for Organize4Palin, PalinTV, and many other Palin-inspired blogs. (Conservatives4Palin was not the first pro-Palin blog, of course, and others like Team Sarah have likewise been defending Governor Palin since she arrived on the national scene.)

The original editors of Conservatives4Palin have largely moved on, in one case to working directly with Governor Palin’s political action committee. But this blog has continued to attract talented writers, and a dedicated commenting crew, many of whom have supported the blog since its inception. We feel it is a special place of comraderie and debate, and though we are not a Draft Sarah website, all of us were gearing up for what we hoped and anticipated would be a thrilling presidential run.

After Governor Palin’s surprising Oct. 5th announcement that she would not seek the GOP nomination at this time, our blog has been engaged in a running dialogue of how Palin supporters can best move forward and continue to make a difference. As you might expect from a bunch of  folks who admire a known “rogue” — we have some disagreements about the precise future of our movement. That’s to be understood. But we are all committed to supporting Governor Palin and her ideals, while we work through the specifics of an upcoming election season.

Here are some of the major developments at C4P since Oct. 5th  …

The Reconsider Movement

The Reconsider Movement, as it has come to be known, began roughly with the launch of a Sarah Palin’s Earthquake Facebook page in October. The reference was to an interview Gov. Palin gave to Alaska radio hosts where she commented that it might take a 10.3-magnitude quake to get her to change her mind. The orignal Facebook site quickly attracted more than 4,000 members, and the Reconsider Movement has since fueled petitions, letter drives, and ultimately the Reconsider Ad, that aired yesterday in Sioux City, Iowa. The purpose of the Reconsider Movement is to encourage Gov. Palin to join the presidential race — even at this late date – because the other candidates are simply unacceptable. Those involved in the Reconsider Movement believe Governor Palin is the only hope of restoring the nation, and turning around the economy, and that she is needed right now, not sometime in the future. Many in the movement believe that asking Gov. Palin to jump in is the equivalent of establishment figures begging Chris Christie to run. They believe it is a show of support, not disrespect for her decision.

Grizzly Fest

Grizzly Fest was an online summit hosted Oct. 29th with the purpose of bringing together a wide swath of Palin supporters and bloggers to discuss the past, present and future of the Palinista movement. Participants in Grizzly Fest included conservative radio host Tammy Bruce, filmmaker Steve Bannon, conservative columnist Jedediah Bila and Organize4Palin’s Peter Singleton, as well as prominent Palin bloggers and blog talk radio hosts. The idea behind Grizzly Fest was to keep the momentum going and use our collective voices to continue making a difference at the local, state and national level in concert with Governor Palin’s promise to stay involved. Grizzly Fest is now in hiatus, but will return with Winter Fest in a few months where Palin supporters will have another opportunity to invoke Governor Palin’s principles and discuss ways to fight crony capitalism and political corruption, in her tradition. You can listen to a replay of the inaugural Grizzly Fest here.

Candidate Vetting

Shortly after Gov. Palin’s announcement, we asked C4P readers for their input on the direction of the site. Not surprisingly, almost all of them wanted us to continue to support and cover Gov. Palin, but they also expressed a strong desire for us to broaden our coverage to include other candidates and coverage of the 2012 election. To that end, one of our newer writers, Steve Flesher, has been shedding light on some of the emerging senate races, while Abie Rubin, Mary Beth House, Doug Brady and others have looked into the presidential contenders. We think it’s healthy to vet candidates, and Governor Palin has urged everyone to study their records, something most of the media forgot to do with Candidate Obama in 2008. Candidate vetting will continue to be a part of Conservatives4Palin, even as some folks rigorously pursue the Reconsider Movement and plan our next Grizzly Fest online summits. Obviously, we can’t force Gov. Palin to change her mind. We can’t kidnap her and hijack her One Nation bus. So, we feel it is prudent to have a back-up plan, and to consider which of the remaining candidates might earn our support based on their record and principles. That is not to say we wouldn’t prefer to have her on the ballot. It’s a recognition that it appears at this time she does not desire to be on the ballot. Moreover, after the EARTHQUAKE we set off in 2010 with the historic midterm elections, many of us feel that Organize4Palin can once again prove effective in electing common sense, Constitutional conservatives to state and national offices.

A note about commenting:

We have the following terms of use. Here are the instructions for registering to comment. And you can communicate with the editors by sending an email here.

A final note about “Reconsider” …

I should point out that not all of our editors or readers concur with the aims of the Reconsider Movement. We are all happy that Governor Palin has such strong support. Some of us disagree, however, with the notion of begging her to change her mind when she has clearly stated her intentions to work outside of the political process at this time. For more information about that point of view, I would direct you to an excellent piece by one of our longtime bloggers Adrienne Ross:

Reconsider ‘Reconsider’

C4P respects divergent views as we work toward a better future.

Thank you for your interest in Conservatives4Palin. We hope you’ll stick around.

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