Does Bachmann Demonstrate ‘Ideological Consistency?’ (VIDEO)

While Newt Gingrich’s surge shows him flying to 38% in Rasmussen’s latest national poll, Bachmann rests at 4%.  The numbers come in as follows:

  • Gingrich, 38%
  • Romney, 17%
  • Cain, 8%
  • Paul, 8%
  • Perry, 4%
  • Bachmann, 4%
  • Santorum, 4%
  • Huntsman, 3%

With Newt’s massive success and rapid growth in the polls, Dick Morris told Greta VanSusteren tonight that he believed Bachmann still has a chance with Iowa.  He also stated this in a video he released earlier this week.  Of course, if she could pull off Iowa, that would be a game changer.

Tonight on Hannity, Gov. Palin suggested that the next phase of the campaign could turn to “ideological consistency.”  Bachmann in the following video exudes some of that ideological consistency voters may be looking for.  And while she is having harder times in the polls these days, Michele Bachmann has not weakened on any of these crucial social issues important to a large base of conservatives.  Today, she took some very tough questions on issues important to Iowa voters.  Among the issues, she talked with high school students about gay marriage, prayer in school, and bluntly proposed to eliminate the U.S. Department of Education calling it a “political payoff to the Teacher’s Unions by President Jimmy Carter.”

[videoplayer file= width=590 height=366 /]

So do you think the race is moving toward a stronger search for ideological consistency?  If so, can Michele Bachmann make a comeback?

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