Who are the “True” Palin Supporters?

I remember back in 2008 when John McCain won the nomination, I and many others began speculating as to who he would choose to be his Vice President.  I was certain that he would choose someone like Joe Lieberman (turns out that was what he was planning)…so I had little hope that I would be thrilled with his pick.  I decided, like I usually do when I’m not impressed with a candidate, to choose my own perfect choice…knowing that the chances of my choice being picked were somewhere south of “slim” and somewhere north of “none.”

One name kept coming back to me in the summer of 2008…a fairly unknown Governor of our 49th state.  I started looking into this energetic, articulate and bold figure and the more I saw, the more I liked.  I then found and started commenting on a Draft Palin for VP website and found that I was not alone in my desire to see this new face get the VP nod.

I knew there wasn’t a chance in the world it would happen.  But I still hoped.  And then…something crazy happened: My wish came true.

For those who were there that night when “Drew” came on to the pre-announcement thread the night before, you know how magical the whole thing felt.  You remember how we were cautiously optimistic that this “Drew” character was telling us the truth and, if you were like me, had a blinding headache the next day after spending the entire night waiting for updates.

You remember when Bob Beckel found out that Sarah Palin was McCain’s choice and he looked as though someone ran over his best friend and kicked his puppy dog.  It was glorious.

And since then, it’s been quite a roller coaster ride, hasn’t it?

From the ups and downs of the campaign, to life back in Alaska, to her resignation, to her op-ed pieces and her growth into a powerful national voice and advocate for conservatives in the 2010 election cycle…

…to her announcing she wasn’t going to run for President…

…we’ve experienced every possible emotion on the spectrum.

If you’re like me, you probably have spent the last couple years doing whatever you could to prepare for a presidential run because in your heart of hearts, you just knew she was going to run and were crushed when she bowed out.

What’s happened since then though I think is cause for alarm.

I’ve seen folks on both sides of the “Reconsider” argument resort to namecalling, demagoguery, ad hominem attacks and straw men arguments to try to isolate and demonize those who didn’t agree with their point of view.

I’ve seen people put up what seem to be like a purity test to prove that they are supportive of Palin than other people because they went to more events or did more on her behalf.

I’ve seen folks segregate themselves into a kind of elite class…”true” Palin supporters versus those other folks who don’t support “Reconsider” wholeheartedly.

Which leads me to the obvious question:  Who are the “true” Palin supporters?  The ones who insist Governor Palin is the only choice for President and that we have to get her to change her mind or the ones who begrudgingly accept her decision and are looking for who they could support to go against Obama in her stead?

I’ve seen some refer to others as traitors if they are supportive of one of the Presidential candidates.  I know I personally have been told that I should leave C4P because my post 10/5 choices somehow make me unworthy to support the Governor…that “true” Palin supporters would do whatever they could to urge her to change her mind.

But you know, I could make the argument that “true” supporters support the Governor in whatever she said her mission was, whether it was our first choice for her or not…that the “true” supporters are those who accept her answer and trust her judgment.

But I’m not going to argue that point because in truth, I don’t believe it.  I don’t believe there’s a sector of us that have the right to claim the “True Palin Supporter” mantel more than others.

Because at the end of the day, the answer to the question in the title is…ALL OF US ARE.

That’s right.  We are all “true” Palin supporters.

There’s nothing treacherous or disloyal about looking at the Presidential candidates and deciding who to pick.

There’s nothing crazy about humbly asking the Governor to reconsider her decision.

We may have different strategies and different perspectives…but at the end of the day, first and foremost we’re here because we support the Governor and her mission.

I’m proud to be associated with Conservatives4Palin; and with the course the Governor has charted for herself, I believe we’ll have plenty to do over the weeks and months to come.

So let’s all endeavor to focus on the mission at hand…that of saving our Republic…and leave the circular firing squads to decay on the dust bin of history.

That which divides us is not nearly as important or relevant or strong as that which binds us together.

Let’s try to keep that in mind as we fight for our beloved America.

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