Youth For Palin Vets The Candidates (Update: Santorum Added)

Note: Since this posting, Y4P completed the summary for Rick Santorum. I’ve updated this list with the Santorum link.

If you’ve been putting off caring about the presidential race until the last minute, you might want to check out Youth For Palin’s vetting project. Over the last few months, they have laid out the basic career summaries for each the GOP presidential candidates, and this straightfoward reporting will give you a better feel for the relative strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. I know I haven’t really dug into anyone’s record since Gov. Palin opted out, but it’s great to see everything laid out, and I also recommend Ron Devito’s series on vetting.

Here are your potential GOP nominees (Scroll down after following the links):

Rick Santorum

Mitt Romney

Newt Gingrich

Rick Perry

Ron Paul

Michele Bachmann

Gary Johnson

Jon Huntsman

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