Breaking: Obama to Reject Keystone Pipeline; Updated: Obama Ignored His Own Jobs Council With This Decision

Classic Obama.  Our most brilliant President “evah” wastes years dithering over a simple decision.  A decision which would be a no-brainer for anyone interested in strengthening America’s energy security.  Then when he finally does make a decision, it’s spectacularly wrong, via the Washington Post:

The Obama administration will announce this afternoon it is rejecting a Canadian firm’s application for a permit to build and operate a massive oil pipeline across the U.S.-Canada border, according to sources who have been briefed on the matter.

So there you go.  Gasoline prices are expected to head north of $4.50 per gallon this summer, and our President-in-short-pants wants to prevent our friend and neighbor to the north from shipping desperately needed oil to our hungry markets.  Who needs high-paying jobs and a reliable source of energy? Apparently not us. China’s certainly interested. More on this story from Business Insider here.

Update: Ed Morrissey notes that Obama rejected the recommendation of his own jobs council in making this asinine decision:

Looks like the recommendations of Obama’s own jobs council got as much attention from Obama as the Simpson-Bowles deficit commission, huh?  “Drill, drill, drill” just got changed to “delay, delay, delay.”  Leadership!


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