Charles Krauthammer Eviscerates Obama Over Keystone Pipeline Decision

Yesterday when Obama rejected the Keystone Pipeline, he did what he always does: Put his political interests above those of the country.  In the hours since, I’ve listened with interest to the rationale for this suicidal decision being put forward by the hapless Jay Carney and some of the other mouthpieces in the administration.  Here are a few of the excuses I’ve heard thus far:

1) This is really the fault of the evil, Wascally Wepublicans since it is they who forced Obama to make a hasty decision by setting an “arbitrary deadline”.

2) Obama needed more time to study the issue, never mind it’s been studied for over three years by two different administrations (including his own), both of whom concluded the project is environmentally safe.

3) It won’t create jobs, notwithstanding the fact that Obama’s own Jobs Council said it would.

4) The obligatory “building the pipeline will cause global warming” nonsense.

5) The pipeline goes through the pristine, environmentally sensitive Nebraska Sand Hills.  The fact that there’s already in excess of 25,000 miles of pipeline criss-crossing that region is, presumably, irrelevant.

6) And finally my personal favorite: The pipeline is “not in the national interest“. Obviously. Who needs a reliable source of energy from our friend and neighbor to the north when we can get it from our, er, reliable allies in the Persian Gulf instead?

It would be ridiculously easy to point out how utterly fatuous all these excuses are but, conveniently, I don’t have to.  Charles Krauthammer methodically did just that in just over two minutes last night on Fox News. Enjoy:


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