For Grassroots, ‘Non-Romney’ Still Dominates

After Newt Gingrich’s landslide win in South Carolina Saturday, two things surged: his poll numbers in Florida and the amount of establishment Republicans who have come out to attack him – or as Gov. Palin put it, to “crucify” him.

We heard that Newt was an “embarrassment” to his party by a New Jersey Governor who got his “panties in a wad.”

Of course, Gov. Palin and others did their homework.

While it’s true that Gingrich resigned from Congress and paid 300K to cover investigation costs, he was never fined and he was never found guilty.  In fact, the 84 ethics charges were filed by one Democrat (kind of like the 20+ ethics charges against Gov. Palin in Alaska were filed by one group of Democrats).  Further, 83 were immediately thrown out and the one remaining (Gingrich’s equivalent to “Troopergate”) was enough for the Chairman of the ethics committee to assign guilt.  Therefore; the establishment politicians of Congress stabbed Gingrich in the back after all he did for their party just as every establishment Republican today cannot come to terms with Governor Palin’s selfless resignation as Alaska’s Governor.

And to top things off, just like the second independent investigation which cleared the Palins of any wrongdoing regarding the dismissal of Walt Monegan in Alaska, an in-depth investigation into the single 84th ethics charge against Gingrich was conducted by the ultimate authority, the Internal Revenue Service.  It found no wrongdoing whatsoever by Gingrich.  But as an old CNN video shows and explains, by then it was too late as Gingrich had already resigned and paid the 300K.

With an entire establishment crowd sitting around with egg on their face, not one of them came forward to apologize to the Speaker.  They sat on their hands and enjoyed their power and their positions.  And today, most of them erring on the side of Team Romney are perfectly happy to accept the edited version of the events which say Speaker Gingrich resigned in disgrace. 

That’s just one of the false narratives right now being spun by the media and the establishment machine.

I don’t write these things to solely defend Speaker Gingrich.  I write these things to point out that perhaps Gov. Palin made a wise choice to sit this election out and fight with the grassroots from the outside.  I know this is an unpopular position at C4P.  In fact, it’s hard for me to spit it out myself.  There is no other person which could have fought and shaken up the establishment of the Republican Party better than Governor Palin would have.

As Speaker Gingrich said yesterday, we aren’t changing up uniform to simply “manage the decay.”  If all they care about is the power they have when they have access to our money while maintaining the status quo, even if it means veering to the left more than once, what good does that do for our chances of winning?  And further, what does it do to the 2016 race when the retiring Hillary Clinton might be ready to step back in after a four-year rest?

This I believe falls in line with Governor Palin who warned us of this in September in Indianola, Iowa.  She said it wasn’t enough to change the uniform.  We had to “change the game and the game plan” if we wish to shake things up in a true grassroots way that solidifies the fact that conservatives are the majority in the country.  Yet, the elites in the party think it’s time to back off our criticism of liberalism and the acknowledgment of everything it destroys in its path.

Take last night’s debate on CNN hosted by Wolf Blitzer.  Senator Rick Santorum had the most effective lines hitting Governor Romney with RomneyCare.  Rick Santorum’s words resonated with the grassroots everywhere when he pointed out that health insurance policies are still expensive in Massachusetts under a government model.  More people are opting to pay fines and consequently settle for less-quality healthcare in the state because they simply cannot afford the health plans to give them the flexibility Americans deserve as free-market recipients.

Mitt Romney, in a moment of desperation, unfairly portrayed Santorum’s passion on the topic and condescendingly told him that it was nothing to get mad about.  Santorum was clever in getting Romney to defend and explain RomneyCare in an exact mirrored way that the president tried to sell ObamaCare.

A.)  If you like what you have, you can keep it.  (Without mentioning the costs will go up).

B.)  We want to make sure everyone pays.  (Without mentioning that those who cannot afford the quality policies they could get in a free market with competition are forced to pay a lower priced fine for even lower-quality health care.)

Obamacare, aside from the remaining issues against the President was the one issue which we could confidently say that the true bipartisanship in America was not only screaming “NO!” but “HELL NO!” in opposition to it.  Santorum is 100% correct and echoed our sentiment last night.  We cannot give this issue away in this election.

In fact, and as Greta VanSusteren posted on her GretaWire blog, David Axelrod tweeted the following in response to Romney’s debate performance:

“In explaining MA plan, Mitt just offered an eloquent explanation of the Affordable Care Act he says he would repeal.”

While it’s clear that Rick Santorum won the debate on substance, we have to pay attention to the overflow of slanderous press Newt Gingrich has received since becoming a threat to the establishment machine’s golden boy.  If the tides turn and Santorum becomes a threat, the media attention and unfair attacks will turn to him – just as they would have with Governor Palin.

If you support Newt, great!  If your support is going to Santorum, great!  Or even if your support is going to Ron Paul, it’s a better chance for a shakeup within the establishment.  It is not just enough to beat Obama.  Governor Palin said this in Iowa, and I stand by that today.  And regardless of what your reasons are for supporting your Non-Romney choice, we must stand by those principles or we will not stand at all.

Despite the current polls which measure electability, Romney’s Romneyness has been consistent and only suggests it and the doubt it gives the grassroots will follow him all the way until the bitter end thereby giving the Democrats everything they need to win re-election.

As of today’s latest polling indicates, in Florida its Romney: 38.7, Gingrich: 31.5, Santorum: 11.0, and Paul:  9.7

However; on the national front, it’s a bit different with Gingrich: 31.3, Romney 27.0, Santorum: 15.8, and Ron Paul: 12.8.

Either way you cut it, the anti-Romney movement still stands strong and I believe that regardless of what happens in Florida, the remaining candidates will stay in and fight even harder to get the true points out which need to be articulated so that we can really beat Barack Obama in November.

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