McCain to Endorse Romney, Bachmann Quits, UPDATE: Newt Uses ’08 McCain Video Against Romney

“Mr. New Hampshire,” John McCain will be endorsing Mitt Romney today according to Fox News.  According to the article, it states that McCain’s endorsement of Romney is “a signal by the party’s one-time standard-bearer that Republicans should start falling in line behind the former Massachusetts governor.”

I say I find this a tadbit surprising for a few reasons.

McCain lost Iowa in 2008.  In fact, he fell behind Mitt Romney who came in second place with the same amount of votes he got last night.  McCain also got the same amount of Iowa-votes in 2008 (13%) as Newt Gingrich got last night.  Sadly for Mitt Romney, he outspent all his opponents by historic measures and he won Iowa by a mere 8 votes.  McCain also knows what a game-changer South Carolina can be — not to mention Florida.  Latest polls suggest that Gingrich is still polling way ahead of Romney in SC and FL.  Further, Santorum’s surprise last night (the real “winner” in my opinion) can carry momentum into New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida as well.

Speaking of Santorum’s surprise yesterday, Sarah Palin got one mention when it was suggested that candidates call her up.  Santorum received the same amount of votes Romney received by spending a lot less money.  He worked hard going into every county and of course, Sarah Palin; on more than one occasion very recently, had some very kind words about him.

It’s clear, Palin-power carries more weight than Romney’s corporate donors.

It looks like the establishment knows what truly wins elections and they are none too pleased. 

Unless we get a surprise late entrant into this race, the Santorum surprise only proves this race is far from being in the bag for anybody.  A true process which promises to only annoy the establishment. 

Also, with Bachmann out of the race; and considering some of her positions on social conservatism, it would appear more likely her votes will help strengthen Santorum.

Nevertheless, the Iowa Caucus did not produce a clear front-runner as the establishment would want us to believe.  Anything can still happen. 

McCain’s endorsement will not change that.


Proving they have a sense of humor, a super PAC for Newt Gingrich is using a campaign video against Romney released by John McCain in 2008.

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