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Today’s moronic quote of the day belongs to New York Daily News columnist David Hinckley who attempts to review the fictitious anti-Palin fantasy/gossip film, Game Change. Stacy did an excellent job of deconstructing the sourcing and motivations of the film’s producers here. The entirety of Hinckley’s “review” of the film is focused on Governor Palin and he cites gossip from such stellar characters as Steve Schmidt (pictured above the fold) as fact. In his piece of sh*t Hinckley avers, admiringly, that “Julianne Moore’s Sarah Palin gets a look in her eye that you see in horror flicks just before the adorable 12-year-old chops her whole family into bite-size pieces”.  Right. As dumb as that is, it can be dismissed as the deranged ranting of a PDS-afflicted moron from the NY Daily News.  This next pearl of wisdom, however, can’t be so easily rationalized (emphasis mine).

In the final scene, the McCain campaign blocks her from delivering a concession speech, which would have been the first by a vice presidential candidate in American history.

Really? What about John Edwards in 2004? I realize that 2004 was a whopping four years prior to 2008, but the last time I checked it didn’t predate American history.

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